Getting Started with Your Essentials Plan

A step-by-step guide to onboard your Okendo Essentials plan

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Welcome to Okendo!

You can use the following links to guide you through setting up Okendo on the Essentials plan.

Step 1. Set up Okendo to collect and display reviews

You must set up the following features to start collecting and displaying your reviews.

Display your reviews

Okendo's Reviews Widget lets you showcase your reviews in a variety of highly customizable layouts and allows your customers to find exactly what they're looking for on your product's details page. At its most basic, default design, the Reviews Widget shows the star rating, review content, product attributes, customer information, and any submitted UGC. You need to add Okendo's Reviews Widget to your Shopify theme to display your collected reviews on your products' details pages.

  • To add the Reviews Widget to your Shopify Vintage theme, click here.

  • To add the Reviews Widget to your Shopify Online Store 2.0, click here.

Send a request to collect reviews

A sequence triggers the message (or messages) that your customers receive asking them to submit a review, but only when their order meets the eligibility criteria that you set for the sequence. You must enable a sequence to collect reviews.

To set up a sequence, go to Enabling a Sequence to Request Reviews.

Step 2. Design & Brand Your Customer Touchpoints

A customer touchpoint is any time your customers interact with your brand. Within your reviews program, a customer touchpoint can be when your customer does the following:

  • Fills out the review capture form to submit a review

  • Receives an email from you about a coupon code they earned

  • Reads a review on your product details page.

You can personalize these touchpoints to blend seamlessly with your store and provide a consistent brand experience across all your channels.

Design your Reviews Widget

Okendo offers you the widest array and most customizable review displays. There are multiple different review display types, a variety of layouts, and endless design customizations to choose from so that you can build a reviews display that blends into your site instead of using one that looks like it was just pulled off the shelf.

To customize your reviews displays, go to Designing Your Reviews Widget.

Style the Review Capture Form

The Review Capture Form streamlines the review process by allowing your customers to provide their reviews in a single step. The form itself consists of three pages that you can customize to fit your needs and you can use the Auto-Style feature to quickly and simply customize all 3 pages to match your brand colors.

To customize the Review Capture Form, go to Customizing the Review Process.

Compose and customize your emails

Apply your own style and compose a custom message in any email that your customers receive from you, including the review request email.

To personalize your messages, go to Customizing Your Emails.

Step 3. Optimize Your Reviews Program

Setting up these features will allow you to build a robust reviews program by getting even more out of your Okendo app.

Incentivize your customers using Rewards

Rewards are a great way to generate more reviews and build brand loyalty. Offering a discount can really incentivize your customers to leave more reviews. Okendo allows you to give your customers a coupon code or earn loyalty points (this option is available only if you are partnered with a loyalty program that integrates with Okendo).

Set up Attributes to better understand your customers

Capture highly personalized insights about your customers and what they love (or don't love) about your products with Okendo's Attributes feature. An attribute is any property or characteristic that you can gather about your customer or your products. Okendo lets you choose from four different types of attributes that you can set up to capture both product and customer insights.

To start establishing a deeper understanding of your customer and products, go to Getting Started with Attributes.

Perform a lookback to quickly gather more reviews

If you're new to capturing reviews from customers and want to quickly increase review and UGC submissions, you can perform a lookback campaign. A "lookback" is when you enable Okendo to retroactively request reviews for orders that were already fulfilled by setting the fulfillment date to a date in the past.

Set up Google Rich Snippets to drive traffic to your product pages

Providing a glimpse of your review content can drive traffic to your site and product pages when shoppers do a Google Search. At a glance, the search results can show your product's star rating and review count.

To show your products' star rating on Google Search results, go to Set Up Google Rich Snippets For Product Ratings.

Step 4. Learning the Basics

You're off to a great start! You added your widgets and started a sequence. And now you have reviews that you'll need to moderate (publish or reject), and more! Click the links in the table to learn the basics of using Okendo.

Publish your reviews so that appear on your site, reject them, or reply directly to your customers' reviews.

Let Okendo's auto-publish feature handle moderation for you.

Create groups and set them up to display reviews from multiple products on your product pages

Create a dedicated reviews page to show all your reviews in one place.

Track and measure your customers' feedback by running reports.

Curate user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram and let your customers shop directly from your Instagram.

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