Getting Started

Welcome to Okendo! Here's your guide to onboarding your Okendo account.

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Display Your Reviews on Your Site

Choose from a range of customizable widgets to showcase reviews & UGC on your site

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Collect Reviews Using Sequences

Capture reviews from your customers when you set up a sequence

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Design Your Reviews Displays

Your reviews, your way. Personalize the look and feel of Okendo's widgets to showcase reviews & UGC

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Customize the Review Process

Personalize the Review Capture Form to capture more reviews from customers

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Moderating Your Reviews

Guides to help get the most out of our review moderation system

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Email & Sequences

Make the most of our powerful email engine

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Learn how to use Okendo's powerful first-party customer data collection tool

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How to set up rewards and understand when and how they are issued

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Customize and generate reports to better understand the feedback from your customers

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Group similar products together to show grouped reviews on-site

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Tracking Customer Engagement with Reviews Widgets

Measure ROI with Google Analytics to see how Okendo's reviews widget positively impact your store's performance

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Learn how to connect Okendo with a variety of other apps and services

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Marketing Channels

Leverage customer-generated content in Google, Facebook and Instagram.

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Okendo Surveys

Okendo's customer intelligence solution built specifically for ecommerce brands

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Okendo Referrals

Turn happy customers into persuasive brand advocates

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Okendo Quizzes

Increase sales with personalized product recommendations

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Okendo Customer Profiles

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Configure Okendo to work best with your store. Change the look and feel of review displays, auto publish reviews, get notified of new reviews and more

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Get answers to your frequently asked questions about Okendo reviews

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Partner Program

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