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Getting Started With Review Moderation
Getting Started With Review Moderation

How to publish and reject reviews, or set up auto-approve to do it for you.

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Reviews Moderation with Okendo gives you full control of your reviews. Whether you want to hand-pick which reviews are displayed on your store or allow Auto Publish to handle the moderation for you, this article will show you how.

Getting Started

Once a review has been submitted it will be displayed within the Reviews Moderation section within the Okendo Review admin. If you do not have any reviews yet, please see our Getting Started: Your First Review guide.

Here, you can read all of your reviews and action them by publishing, replying, and more.

Note: To see the reviews for a specific product go to the Products section.

Top Controls

Various controls appear at the top of the Review Moderation page. These include controls for filtering by review status, expansion settings for each review card, and a search bar for searching reviews by reviewer email address.

Filters: You can filter which reviews appear by using the filter section on the left side of the bar. This will allow you to view all of your Pending, Published, or Rejected reviews.

Expanded or Collapsed: This control allows you to decide whether the sidebar of the review cards is always expanded or always collapsed.

Search: Begin typing a customer's email address to instantly show reviews that match the email address.

The Review Card

The review card is made up of 3 sections:

The sidebar is located on the left side of the review card. It contains details about the product (and variant) that the review is for, customer information like their name and email address, and also any additional customer attributes captured during the review process. This section can be expanded or collapsed on a per-card basis or globally using the settings at the top of the page.


The body contains all the main review information including the rating, title, text, product attributes as well as photos and videos. If you reply to a review, it will also appear in the body section.


The toolbar is located on the right side of the review card. It contains actions that can be taken on the review as well as the overall sentiment of the review. Here you can publish or reject the review, reply to the review or see more details. There's also a quick indicator of whether the review was overall positive, negative, neutral or mixed and whether it contained any profanity to help you quickly make an informed moderation decision.

Media Moderation

Controlling the media which appears alongside the review is easy. To hide an image from appearing with the review, simply mouse over it and click the hide button. To show it again, simply do the same.

Verified and Unverified Reviews

The Review Moderation screen gives you insights into whether the review was submitted by a verified buyer, verified reviewer, or an unverified reviewer. Verified buyers will display a BUYER indicator next to the customer name in the sidebar, while verified reviewers will have a green checkmark after their email address. Unverified reviewers will have neither of these indicators.

Note: A verified reviewer is a reviewer who has submitted a review and verified their email address.

Auto Publish

Auto Publish allows stores to minimize the time spent manually publishing reviews while still maintaining strict controls over what content appears on-site. Learn about how to set up auto-publish here.

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