Offering coupons to your customers are a great way to entice them to submit a review after they purchase your products and to motivate them to include photos and videos with their reviews.

In this article, you'll learn about:

  • Types of Coupons

  • How to set up your coupons

  • Loyalty integrations

Types of coupons

Okendo includes these coupon types, for which you can customize the settings:

  • Submits review and uploads video

  • Submits review and uploads photo

  • Submits review and links to social profile

  • Submits review

Okendo assigns a priority to each type of coupon, which allows you to reward customers based on what they include in their reviews (content only or content that includes a video or photo). If a customer qualifies for more than one coupon, they'll receive only the highest priority coupon.

For example, if you activate all coupon types and then a customer submits a review with a video and an image, they'll only receive a coupon code for the Submits a review and uploads video coupon type.

How to set up your coupons

You can configure each coupon type to fit your desired criteria for customers earning a reward. Use the following links to learn more about configuring your coupons:

  1. Configure your coupons.
    You can determine your discount type, value, expiration date, and minimum purchase amount.

  2. Set up your reward coupon email.
    Okendo automatically sends this email to your customer when they earn a reward and it includes their unique coupon code.

Review Capture Form

After you configure your coupons, a rewards banner will appear on the Review Capture Form that shows your customer exactly what they can earn if they submit a review or more. You can also see a preview of the rewards banner by going to Capture > Review. Click here to learn more about the Review Capture Form.

Loyalty Integrations

Do you already use a loyalty and rewards app? Okendo supports several loyalty integrations so let us know so we can help you get set up and integrated! Also, you can go to Settings > Integrations > Loyalty to set up your integration.

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