Use coupons to incentivize customers to submit a review for your product and to motivate them to include photos and videos.

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Tiered Coupon Levels

The coupon levels allow you to reward customers based on what is included in the review. Each level has a priority and a customer who qualifies for more than one coupon will only receive the highest priority coupon. For example, if all coupon levels are active then a customer who submits a review with a video and an image will receive the reward-related to 'Submits a review and uploads video' only.

Editing A Coupon

To edit a coupon, click the edit icon on the coupon to display the popup as shown below. This screen allows you to configure the type of coupon offered, expiry, the minimum purchase amount, which products they apply to, and the value of the coupon. The description is automatically generated based on the value but can be personalized to include your own text.

Note: A personalized description should still contain the coupon value, so reviewers know what the coupon does.

Coupon Email

A coupon email containing a unique coupon code will be automatically sent to reviewers who meet the conditions you've set up for earning a coupon reward.

Only customers reviewing via a review request email will be rewarded with a coupon so you must first set up a sequence to ask for reviews. See our guide on Getting Started With Sequences to set up a sequence.

Review Capture Form

Once you have configured the coupons you can preview what will be displayed to the customer when they are submitting a review by using the test review capture form. See our guide on Leaving a Review to find out how.

Loyalty Integrations

Already use a loyalty and rewards app? Let us know so we can help you get set up and integrated! See our list of integrations to find out who we already integrate with.

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