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Make the review process your own by customizing the Response Form

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The Response Form, which allows you to capture reviews in a single step, consists of 3 pages that you can personalize to reflect your company's brand. This form provides over 55 individual styling options or you can use the auto-style feature to effortlessly style the Response Form and get your review process up and running quickly. The Response Form features these 3 pages:

  • Review

  • Enhance

  • Post-Review

If you're moving your review process from the Legacy Review Capture Form, most of your style settings will automatically transfer to the Response Form. Click here to learn more.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Before you begin

You should consider reviewing the Style Settings Glossary to better understand each style setting and what area or element it applies to on the Review, Enhance, and Post-Review pages.

Open the Response Form

  1. Open your Okendo app and go to Reviews.

  2. Click Response Form in the sidebar. The Review Capture page appears:

    You can click a setting category to start styling the form and then move through the Review, Enhance, and Post-Review tabs to see how your changes will look on the live Response Form.

    Note: From the Capture Settings page you can only see the changes, you cannot actually step through the review process to see what the customer will experience. See Testing the Review Process to learn more.

Allow customers to upload media and use social media to log in

By default, the Response Form allows your customers to include photos or videos and use their social media logins when submitting their reviews. These settings appear on both the Review and Enhance pages.

  1. Click General on the Review Capture page.

  2. Toggle these settings off to disable them or on to enable them:

    • Allow Social Login

    • Capture Photos or Videos

    • Skip the Enhance Page

    • Hide Okendo Branding
      Note: You must be on the Power plan to toggle this setting off.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Add your store's logo to the form

  1. Click Header on the Review Capture page.

  2. Click Choose Image and upload your image.

  3. (Optional) Select an option in the Layout drop-down list.

  4. (Optional) Hover over the Logo Width field make the up/down arrows visible and then adjust the width.

  5. (Optional) Enter a URL in the Link to Page field to link the header image to a page in your store.

  6. Click Save Changes.

Style your Response Form

Before you begin to individually set each style, consider using the Auto Style feature to automatically apply a set of colors across the Response Form. See Auto-Styling Your Response Form to learn more.

Keep in mind that changing any of the settings in the Styling section is optional and depends on the level of styling that you want to implement on the form.

  1. Click Styling on the Review Capture page.

  2. Do any of the following:

    1. Modify a color.
      Use the Hex color picker or enter a new Hex code in the field provided within the picker.

    2. Change the look of the Agree & Submit and Submit buttons.

      In addition to changing the colors of the buttons, you can switch the text to uppercase or lowercase in the Text Transform drop-down list and add a border around the buttons using the Border Width field.

    3. Select a new font.
      Pick a new font in the Font Family drop-down list under General.

    4. Change the look of fields and boxes.
      Use the Border Style drop-down list to make all box and field corners rounded or squared. This setting is under General.

    5. Remove the Show Congratulations Emoji ( 🎉 ).
      Toggle this setting off to remove the emoji from the Enhance and Post-Review pages. This setting is under Rewards.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Select a product to preview your changes

Different products have different attributes so the look and feel of your updated Enhanced Review Capture Form can vary based on the product you selected. To see how this form will look for different products, use the product button on the Review Capture Preview area.

Customize the Post-Review page

A customer reaches the Post-Review page after they submit a review. These style settings apply to this page:

  • Header Image

  • Star color

  • Border Style

  • Show Congratulations Emoji

  • Font Family

  • Primary Text Color

  • Secondary Text Color

  • Border Color (under General and Input Components)

You can also configure the modules on the Post-Review page. Click here to learn more.

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