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Configuring Rewards for Loyalty Integrations
Configuring Rewards for Loyalty Integrations
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When you integrate Okendo with loyalty programs like LoyaltyLion and Eber, you can incentivize your customers to earn rewards after submitting reviews, photos, and videos. You can then track those rewards in your loyalty program, and use them to analyze what drives your customers to come back to shop at your store.

After you configure rewards in Okendo, your customers can start earning rewards for submitting reviews, photos, and videos. Okendo then sends these earned points to your integrated loyalty program.

Before you begin

You'll need to set up your loyalty program to integrate with Okendo. Go to Settings > Integrations > Loyalty to learn more.

Configure rewards for your integrated loyalty program

  1. Open your Okendo app.

  2. Click Rewards in the sidebar.

  3. Select a loyalty provider in the drop-down list.

  4. Set the point amounts for the items in the Number of Points Awarded For section.
    You can increase the number of points for each item to incentivize your customers to improve their reviews. For example, if you want to collect more customer videos, set the points in the Submitting a Video field at a high value, such as 50.

  5. Enter a maximum number of points to cap the number of points a customer can earn.
    โ€‹Note: If you don't want to set a maximum, set this field to 0.

  6. Select if you want to award the points per order or per review in the drop-down list.

  7. Click Save.

Important Note: You can only utilize one reward within the Okendo app.

So, if you've chosen Loyalty Points, you can no longer use Coupons.

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