Customizing Your Emails

Change the layout, colors, text, images and more in your emails

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Customizing emails in Okendo is crucial for aligning them with your brand's unique style and effectively communicating with your customers. Here’s how you can customize and tailor your emails to suit your needs:


The Layout of an email determines its core structure, such as the placement of elements and their order. When creating a new email, you choose a Layout (e.g., "Side-By-Side", "Stacked") that defines how products and stars appear. Once chosen, the Layout cannot be changed for that email.


After selecting a Layout, you can customize various elements within the email using styling controls:

  • Global Styling: Accessible from the left panel, this section lets you control colors, fonts, and other stylistic elements used throughout the email.

  • Override Global Styling: Each email type (e.g., review request, coupon) allows overriding of global settings to fine-tune the appearance of individual emails.


Editing text content within emails is straightforward:

  • Body Section: Edit main text areas to convey your brand’s message effectively.

  • Footer Section: Customize footer text to provide additional information or links.


Enhance personalization using text substitutions:

  • Insert placeholders like {{customer.first_name}} to dynamically replace them with actual customer details (e.g., "Jane" for a customer named Jane Smith). Available substitutions are listed in the "Body" section of each email.


For localized emails based on your store’s language settings:

  • Override Localized Defaults: Some emails offer automatic translation based on settings. You can opt out of this by enabling this setting in the "Body" section and entering custom text. Once overridden, automatic localization will not apply to that email.


Engage customers with impactful header images:

  • Header Section: Upload a header image that captures attention when recipients open the email.

  • Global Defaults: Set a default header image in your Email Styling Settings for consistency across emails.

Next Steps

Now that you’re equipped to customize your emails:

  • Using Your Emails Guide: Explore how to effectively deploy and utilize your customized emails to engage customers and drive desired actions.

By leveraging these customization options, you can tailor Okendo’s emails to reflect your brand’s identity, enhance customer engagement, and maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

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