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Performing a Lookback with Sequences

Quickly build your repository of reviews by performing a lookback

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If you're new to capturing reviews from customers and want to quickly increase review and UGC (User-Generated Content) submissions, you can perform a lookback campaign. A lookback campaign allows you to retroactively request reviews for orders that were already fulfilled.

Key Points to Remember

  • Most Recent Fulfilled Order: Okendo looks only at the most recent fulfilled order if the customer has multiple orders.

  • Refunded Orders: Reviews are not requested for refunded or partially refunded orders.

  • Existing Reviews: Orders where the customer has already submitted a review for any of the products are omitted.

  • Date Preference: Okendo may use the delivered date instead of the fulfilled date when determining whether to send a review request email.

Note: You can also perform a lookback using any of Okendo's email/SMS integrations.

To perform a lookback

  1. Open the Okendo app and navigate to the "Mail" option in the sidebar.

  2. Click on "Create Sequence" to start setting up your review request sequence.

  3. In the "Start Date" field, select a date in the past to include orders that were previously fulfilled. For example, set the start date to three months before today.

  4. Customize the elements of your sequence, such as the email content, timing, and any other settings that suit your needs.

  5. Once you have configured your sequence, click "Start Sequence" to begin sending review requests for past orders.

These steps will help you efficiently run a lookback campaign to increase your review and UGC submissions. For further guidance, refer to related articles or contact Okendo support.

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