Performing a Lookback with Sequences

Quickly build your repository of reviews by performing a lookback

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If you're new to capturing reviews from customers and want to quickly increase review and UGC submissions, you can perform a lookback campaign. When you run a lookback, you enable Okendo to retroactively request reviews for orders that were already fulfilled.

When you do a lookback, keep in mind that Okendo:

  • Looks only at the most recent fulfilled order if the customer has multiple orders

  • Doesn't request reviews for refunded or partially refunded orders

  • Omits orders where the customer already submitted a review for any of the products in the order

  • May use the delivered date instead of the fulfilled date when determining whether or not to send a review request email

Note: You can also perform a lookback using any of Okendo's email/sms integrations.

To perform a lookback

You need to backdate the start date in your Okendo sequence to recruit past orders into the sequence. For example, you can set the start date to 3 months prior to the day you create your sequence.

  1. Open your Okendo app.

  2. Click Mail in the sidebar.

  3. Configure the elements of your sequence.
    โ€‹Note: In this step, in the Start Date field, select a date in the past to request reviews from previously fulfilled orders.

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