Designing Your Reviews Widget with Widget Plus

Showcase your reviews and UGC your way

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Your reviews. Your way.

Customize the look and feel of your Reviews widget so that it showcases your reviews to suit your store's aesthetic. You have numerous options to make the appearance of this widget fit seamlessly with your store's brand and provide your customers with valuable insights into your products.

While Okendo provides many options to customize the style of your widget, you can simplify the process by using the Auto-Style feature to quickly customize the appearance of the Reviews widget. Click here to learn more about Okendo's Autostyle feature.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Before you begin

You must install the Okendo Reviews app before you can add a Reviews Widget to your Shopify theme. Click here to see how to complete the basic installation.

Previewing your changes

Keep in mind that the available preview in your Okendo admin gets you close to how your Reviews Widget will look on your store's site, but it may look slightly different once you add it to your Shopify theme.

Need some inspiration?

Check out how some of Okendo's customers are implementing their Reviews Widgets.

Style your Reviews widget

Before you start styling your Reviews widget, consider reviewing the style glossary to understand how changing the settings changes the widget.

Note: Okendo provides a way for you to preview the changes you make to the Reviews widget. You can see how the widget will look on a desktop or mobile:

  1. Open your Okendo admin.

  2. Click Displays in the sidebar.

  3. Click the Reviews Widget option.

  4. Click the General tab to include the Q&A tab or hide the Reviews Widget if you don't have any reviews yet.

  5. Click the Styling tab to adjust this widget to blend in with your store's site.

    1. Use the various fields, spin boxes, color pickers, toggle switches, and drop-down lists to make this widget your own.

  6. Configure the aggregate modules to design the look and feel of the Reviews Aggregate section.
    โ€‹Note: The Reviews Aggregate section sits at the top of the Reviews Widget and provides your shoppers with immediate details that summarize how your products rate among customers, such as the rating average, total number of reviews, percent of shoppers that recommend your product, and UGC uploaded by your customers.

  7. Click the Reviews List tab to:

    1. Define the attribute filters, sort, and page size controls in the Controls section.

    2. Select a layout in the Reviews section.

    3. Use the Media section to specify how your media appears in the widget.

    4. Configure the Truncation settings to limit the review content

  8. Click Save Changes.

Reviews Widget style definitions

You should refer to the Reviews Widget Style Glossary to learn more about the numerous settings that are available to you to customize the appearance of your Reviews Widget.

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