Integrating Okendo with Foursixty allows you to curate user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram and lets your customers shop directly from your Instagram.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up your Foursixty account in Okendo

Before you begin

You need to have a foursixty account and install the Foursixty app on your Shopify You need to install Okendo and Foursixty. You can install the Foursixty app from Shopify here.

Set up your Foursixty account

When you set up your Foursixty account, you'll gain access to your Instagram posts and Shopify products.  

1. Navigate to the Foursixty website and log in using the same email address and password you used to register your new Foursixty account in the Okendo app admin

2. Navigate to the Networks tab and follow the prompts to connect your new Foursixty account to your Instagram account and Instagram Business Profiles

3. In the drop-down menu, navigate to the Connect Shopify page and follow the prompts to install the Foursixty app on your Shopify store

Having completed these steps, you will be able to use the Foursixty page inside the Okendo app admin to moderate the Instagram content you wish to have displayed on your store. You will also have the ability to select which products from your store are featured in your Instagram posts.

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