Below are instructions on how to install Okendo for Shopify Online Store 2.0 compatible themes. Please check whether your theme is Online Store 2.0 compatible before continuing with these instructions. If your theme is a vintage theme, please refer to our manual installation instructions.

Step 1: Ensure the Widget is Enabled in Okendo Admin

If you are coming from Okendo OS2 Installation Window, you can skip this step.

To complete the next sections of the article, the Okendo Reviews widgets need to be toggled on in the Okendo Widget Settings (Settings > Widgets). Enable the Review Widgets then click the "Save" button.

See video below on how to enable the Okendo review widgets.

Step 2: Enable Okendo Reviews App Embed Block

For Okendo Widgets to work in your theme, the Okendo Reviews App Embed will need to be enabled in your Shopify Theme Customizer.

From your Shopify Admin, navigate to the Themes page then click the "Customize" button on the theme you want to install Okendo on.

Click "Theme settings" then "App embeds". Find the "Okendo Reviews" App embed and enable via the toggle switch.

See video below on how to turn on the app embed in Shopify.

Step 3: Install Okendo Widgets

Note: For launched stores that haven't yet selected an Okendo billing plan, we recommend using a duplicate of your live theme, to prevent sample setup data from appearing on your live store.

Using App Blocks

Star Rating

In the Product information section on your product pages, add Okendo's "Star Rating" block from the list of Apps Blocks.

Re-order the Star Rating block to suit your theme.

Reviews Widget

Add Okendo's Reviews Widget Block from the Apps Block to any Section on any page.

Reviews Widget on the product details page

Okendo's Combined Widget, featuring both Reviews and Q&A

You can also choose between different types of widgets available:

  • Reviews only

  • Questions & Answers only

  • Both Reviews and Q&A

Reviews Carousel

Similar to the Reviews Widget Block, the Reviews Carousel block can be placed on any page.

Reviews Carousel on the home page

In the Block Settings section, you can configure the header text, filter the displayed reviews to a particular product or collection, or enable auto-scrolling.

Reviews Badge

The Reviews Badge can be placed as its own section on any page, or as a block in any section. You can modify the size of the badge and the badge's linked page in the Block Settings section.

Large Reviews Badge on the Homepage

Small Reviews Badge in the Product Information Block

See video below on how to add Okendo widgets using the app blocks.

Using The Theme Code Editor

If a section on your theme does not support app blocks, you can refer step 3 of our manual installation instructions.

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