Using the Review Timeline

See all of the events related to a review to help understand the reward and moderation processes.

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The review timeline is a record of each action taken on the review from its creation to now. Using it, you can find things like which order this review came from or when the review request email was sent which prompted this review. Additionally, you can also see things like whether rewards were offered and which ones were earned. These are just a few of the questions that can be answered by looking at the review timeline.

Viewing The Timeline

To get to the review timeline:

  1. From the review moderation page, click the Details button on a review

  2. Click the Timeline tab

  3. Browse the review's event history

Timeline Events

There are many events that can appear in a review's timeline. This section will describe what each one means. All events contain information about the date that the event happened and what type of event occurred. Note: some events can be clicked to see more information.

Order Fulfilled

If the review was related to a customer order in Shopify, this event shows details about the order including the order number and whether the order was international.

New Media Added

Additional photos or videos were added to the review after it was submitted. Currently this can only happen as part of a media reminder sequence.

Media Moderated

The photos or videos attached to the review were hidden or shown.

Moved Review

The review was moved to a different product. Additional details show the products that the review was moved between.

Replied to Review

A reply was written for the review.

Review Auto-Published

The review was automatically published according to your auto-publish rules.

Review Marked as Pending

The review was moderated to a Pending state.

Review Published

The review was moderated to a Published state.

Review Rejected

The review was moderated to a Rejected state.

Review Received

The review was received by Okendo. Additional details show the source of the review. Possible sources are: Test Review Capture Form, Review Request Email, Write a Review Button or Review Importer.

Review Request Email Sent

If the review was related to a review request email, this event shows details about that email including the email address, sequence, and whether an incentive was offered to leave a review.

Reward Earned

The review qualified for a reward. Provides additional information about the reward that was earned.

Reward Upgraded

The review qualified for an upgraded coupon. This can happen when a customer submits multiple reviews for products in the same order and the later reviews were eligible for a better coupon than those submitted first. It can also happen when a review is updated with additional information such as photos or videos.

Support Ticket Created in Gorgias

The review triggered a support ticket in Gorgias.

Support Ticket Created in Zendesk

The review triggered a support ticket in Zendesk.

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