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How To: Check if a Customer Received a Reward
How To: Check if a Customer Received a Reward

Quickly find a specific review and confirm whether or not the customer was rewarded for their review

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Coupons are a great tool for incentivizing your customers to leave a review. To check whether a customer received a coupon for their review, first find the review within the Okendo app. You can search for a specific review on the Moderation page using the customer's email address.ย 

Once you have found the review you are looking for, then click the Details button to open the Review Details page.

Next, click the Timeline tab to view the history of the review. If the customer has received a coupon for that review it will be shown as a Reward Earned event in the timeline. To see more details like the coupon code and value, click the event title.

Note: If a customer reviews multiple products within the same order, only one review will show a Reward Earned timeline event.

To learn more about how and when Okendo generates coupons for your reviewers check out the following article: Rewarding User Reviews and Content with Shopify Coupons

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