Creating and Starting Sequences

Learn how to setup and use sequences to send review request emails

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The Sequences feature, which is a powerful email engine, allows you to automate post-purchase emails to increase the number of reviews you receive from customers as well as encourage reviewers to leave reviews with images and videos of the products they purchased.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Note: You can perform a lookback campaign using a sequence. Click here to learn more.

Create a sequence

  1. Open your Okendo app.

  2. Click Mail in the sidebar. The Sequences page appears.

  3. Click the + New Sequence button

  4. Select a starting sequence template.

    Note: You can enter a new name for your sequence or keep the default name.

  5. Click Create Sequence.

  6. Go to the next section to configure the elements in the sequence.

Configure the sequence elements

After you create your sequence, you can edit any of these 3 sequence elements:

To edit a block click the block itself to see the options you can change. Keep in mind that you'll only see information about a step if there's nothing to edit.


The RECRUIT block allows you to configure the start date of the sequence. Okendo will recruit any orders with a fulfillment date on or after the start date into the sequence. Orders recruited into a sequence will receive a review request email. If you want to recruit past orders into the sequence (also known as a lookback campaign), select a date in the past as your start date.

To configure the RECRUIT block:

  1. Click the RECRUIT block.

  2. Select a date in the Start Date field.

  3. (Optional) Select a date in the End Date field.

  4. Click Save.

Note: Although an order may meet the criteria of a recruit block multiple times, Okendo recruits an order into a sequence only once and therefore sends a review request email only once.

WAIT block

The WAIT block determines the number of days Okendo waits before it sends out a review request email to recruited orders in the sequence.

  1. Click the WAIT Block.

  2. Select one of the following:

    • Fulfillment: Okendo starts the waiting period when the order is fulfilled.

    • Delivery: Okendo starts the waiting period when the order is delivered.

  3. Set the number of days for the waiting period in the Wait Time for Domestic Orders.
    Note: You can set a separate wait time for international orders.

  4. Click Save.

SEND block

This block allows you to set which customized review request email you will send to your customers.

  1. Click the SEND block.

  2. Select the email you want to send in the Email field.

  3. Preview the email.
    Click the Preview button to see a compiled version of the email that your customers will see. Note that Okendo randomly selects the products to show in the preview email, but your customers will see the products they ordered when they receive the review request email.

  4. Send a test email (optional).
    Click the Send Test button to receive a test email.

SPLIT block

The SPLIT block creates conditions in a sequence that allows you to send multiple review request reminders to your customers depending on if their orders meet the set of conditions.

You'll see the SPLIT block for these sequences:

  • Review Request with Reminder

  • Review Request with Two Reminders

  • Review Request with Photo Reminder

Note: You cannot edit a SPLIT block.

Start a Sequence

When you start a sequence, Okendo begins to recruit orders and moves them through the different steps, depending on the conditions and criteria you set up in your sequence. For example, Okendo will send review request emails to orders that meet all the conditions of the sequence.

To start a sequence

  1. Click the ▸ Start button.
    Note: You can only have one sequence running at a time.

  2. Click Start Sequence.

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