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Rewarding Reviews with Shopify Coupons
Rewarding Reviews with Shopify Coupons

Understand how and when Okendo generates coupons for your reviewers

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Coupons are a great tool for incentivizing your customers to leave a review and attach a photo or video. However, there are some things to be aware of when using coupon rewards in Okendo.

Who Will Receive A Coupon Offer?

Once coupon rules have been set up and enabled in the Rewards section, all future review request emails will offer a coupon matching the saved rules. When a review request email is sent, the reward offer is saved so that what is advertised in the email text will always align with the reward that the customer receives. This also means that when the coupon rules are changed, only new review requests will show the updated rules - emails which were previously sent will continue to offer the reward that was set up at the time of sending.

When Are Coupons Awarded?

When a customer submits a review with Okendo, we check it against the coupon rules saved for the review request. If the review is eligible, we create a discount code within Shopify matching those rules. The coupon codes that Okendo generates can be seen in the Shopify Discounts section, indicated by the OKR prefix. Shortly after the review is submitted, we send the customer a copy of their coupon code via the email on their review.
​Note: Currently, only reviews written by clicking through the review request email are eligible to receive coupons.

How Many Coupons Can Customers Earn?

Customers can only earn one coupon code per review request email they receive. In almost all cases this means a maximum of one coupon code per order.

Did A Customer Receive A Coupon For Their Review?

To check whether a review received a coupon, follow the instructions here.

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