Quizzes: Conversion Rate Optimization
Written by Chris MaGill
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The Quiz conversion rate can be compared to your overall on-site conversion rate as a simple way to determine your quiz’s effectiveness–the higher the rate, the better. Quiz conversion rate is measured as Unique Purchases divided by Completes. In other words, it looks at how many customers who completed a quiz also made a purchase. (Note: Okendo currently has a 7-day attribution window. This means that your conversion rate factors in all purchases from customers who take a quiz and make a purchase within 7 days).

In this article, we'll cover:


Fine-Tune Your Product Recommendations

Within your quiz’s performance analytics, you can track a product’s success via the Purchase Rate. This shows what percentage of the time a product is purchased after being shown in a recommendation. (Note: you can also view the purchase rate of non-recommended products).

  • If a product has a high purchase rate, consider finding ways to work it into recommendation pages since you know it converts well.

  • If a product has a low purchase rate and is already included as part of a recommendation, consider replacing it with a different product.

  • A low purchase rate may also be an indication that a product is being shown as part of an irrelevant recommendation. Double-check by using the test tab within the quiz builder to ensure relevant products are being shown.

Follow Up with Quiz-Takers Via Email

You can increase conversions by following up with quiz-takers and sending them an email with their personalized product recommendations. This is a great tactic to use for customers who completed a quiz but have not yet purchased “x” number of days. This can easily be set up by creating a flow in Klaviyo utilizing the “Quiz Completed” event. Follow our Using Quizzes with Klaviyo guide for a full list of the quiz data that can be included in emails.

Customize Your Recommendation Page

To maximize engagement and conversions:

  • Ensure that your recommendation pages’ titles and subtitles are optimized by making sure the copy is clear, concise, and engaging so that quiz-takers know what they’re being recommended and why.

  • Customize the look and feel of the recommendation page

    • Test how the “Stacked” layout converts compared to the “Side by Side” layouts available in the admin.

    • Test displaying variants individually vs as a drop-down.

    • Add custom CSS to increase the size of the product recommendation images or move the hero image to a different position.

  • Utilize the “Redirect to another page option” – Based on a quiz-taker’s answers, this allows you to take them to a fully customized page in Shopify where you can not only configure the products you’d like to display, but can also include educational content, richer product descriptions, or really any other content you think would help drive conversions.

Recommend Complementary Products

Despite your best efforts to set up a quiz with relevant recommendations, sometimes they just don’t resonate with the quiz-taker. That’s why enabling the “Other recommended products” section is a great option. You can include popular products that are either your best sellers and/or have the highest conversion rate. These products will be shown in addition to the recommended products, maximizing the opportunity for conversion.

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