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Viewing Quiz Results and Performance
Viewing Quiz Results and Performance

Learn how to view quiz results and optimize performance.

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Understand how quizzes are performing in Okendo by viewing analytics data. Learn about what responses visitors are providing, how engaged they are with a quiz and whether they are purchasing recommended products.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Review the overall performance of a quiz

  1. To view a quiz's analytics navigate to Quizzes > Quiz List and click on an existing quiz. It can also be accessed by clicking on the 3 dots next to a quiz and then Analytics.

  2. Summary widgets can be viewed at the top of the page for Attributed Revenue, Conversion Rate and a Conversion funnel. The data represented is for the entire duration the quiz has been live.

  3. The Attributed Revenue widget shows the revenue that was generated within 7 days of a quiz completion. The Total Attributed Orders & Average Order Value for the quiz can also be viewed below.

  4. The Conversion Rate widget displays the proportion of customers that submitted an order within 7 days of completing a quiz. The following metrics displayed below:



Completion Rate

The percentage of people who completed a quiz after viewing it.

Formula: Quiz Completes / Starts

Total Responses

The total number of times a quiz has been completed.

Emails Captured

Total number of emails provided in quiz responses.

Average Time to Complete

The average time it takes for visitors to complete a quiz.

5. The Funnel widget can help identify where people are dropping off within the customer journey and provide insight into how the quiz can be optimized. The drop-offs in the funnel are all with respect to the first step, an impression. The following metrics are displayed:




Number of times the quiz viewed.

Started Quiz (%)

Proportion of impressions that started the quiz.

Formula: Starts / Impressions

Received Recommendations (%)

Proportion of impressions that received recommendations after completing the quiz.

Formula: Completes / Impressions

Add to Cart (%)

Proportion of impressions that added a recommended product to cart.

Formula: Adds to Cart / Impressions

Purchased (%)

Proportion of impressions that purchased a product.

Formula: Purchases / Impressions

Note: Revenue and conversion metrics will only be attributed to a quiz if they occur within 7 days of a quiz's completion. A quiz must be completed for attribution to occur.

View quiz results

  1. After navigating to the Analytics for a quiz, scroll down to the Results section.

  2. Filter the data by the date a quiz was submitted - All Time, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, This Month or a Custom Range.

  3. Next, view the number of times a Recommendation Page was shown to a visitor. Each recommendation page includes its current title and list of products displayed.

  4. Scroll down to see the number of times each answer was provided for a question.

Analyze revenue data

  1. Click on the Revenue tab to understand how the quiz contributes to the store's overall revenue and orders.

  2. Filter the data by the date a quiz was submitted.

  3. View the Total Attributed Revenue graph to understand the contribution of the quiz to the store's revenue.

  4. View the Average Order Value graph to understand if the quiz is generating orders that are high in value. Otherwise, optimize the quiz to recommend higher value products.

  5. View the Conversion Rate graph and monitor how well the quiz is converting quiz completions to purchases over time. If there is a low conversion rate, this may indicate a need to review the recommendation conditions.

  6. Analyze the product revenue table to view the number of times a product was recommended, Unique Adds to Cart, Unique Purchases (Purchase Rate) and Revenue. Optimize the recommendation logic based on the conversion rate. Only products that were recommended in a quiz are shown in this table.

Note: Revenue and conversion metrics will usually have a 5 minute delay before being updated while Shopify passes the order details. In some cases this delay may be up to 50 minutes.

Non-Recommended Product Revenue

Non-recommended purchased products after completing a quiz can also be viewed. Toggle the selector to Non-recommended to view Unique Purchases and Revenue generated for those products.

Use cases:

  • View purchased products from the quiz that weren’t recommended to understand better what is contributing to the total conversions and revenue metrics.

  • Identify products that may not be in the quiz being purchased to introduce as an optimization.

View customer responses

  1. Click on the Responses tab to view individual visitor responses to the quiz and what products were recommended.

  2. Filter the data by the date the quiz was submitted and/or the recommendation a visitor was provided.

  3. Next to each product, view whether a visitor added it to their cart or purchased it.

  4. All customer responses to a quiz will be displayed with their last response within a session receiving credit for conversions.

Export responses

Quiz data can be exported from the Results and Responses tab. The export shows responses to each quiz question, associated recommendations and conversion activity.

Analyze engagement data

  1. Click on the Engagement tab to view how customers are engaging with the quiz.

  2. Filter the data by the date the quiz was submitted and/or the device type a visitor responded on - Desktop or Mobile.

  3. View where visitors dropped off in the quiz in the table below. The percentages represent the proportion of visitors who dropped off compared to the previous question.

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