Sending a Coupon via Klaviyo
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Coupons are a great way to incentivise your customers to leave a review after a purchase. This article will outline the steps of sending a coupon email via Klaviyo, as well as its associated limitations.

  1. Create a new flow with the trigger “Created Okendo Review”. To exclude reviews submitted via the Write a Review button on the product page, include a flow filter with source = review-request-email.

  2. Drag and drop a new email in the flow.

  3. Finalise the design and include the coupon code. Please note that the coupon code will be generated by Klaviyo and not Okendo. Klaviyo's help article can be found here.

  4. Make sure Okendo coupons are toggled off in Reviews > Rewards so there are no double-ups.

Additional filters can be added for photo and video reviews, as below.

Known drawbacks of sending a coupon via Klaviyo include:

  1. As the coupon is created by Klaviyo, Okendo cannot offer technical support if there is an issue with the code.

  2. Okendo cannot generate a report on coupon redemption rates.

  3. Klaviyo only issues a single coupon per person until that coupon is expired and/or used. For example, a customer leaves a review and receives a 10% coupon that expires in 90 days. However, if that customer leaves another review within those 90 days and hasn't used their first coupon, they will be issued the same coupon as before.

  4. The rewards banner will not show in the response form.

To send out coupons via Okendo (recommended), refer to this help article.

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