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Setting up Coupon Reminder Emails in Klaviyo
Setting up Coupon Reminder Emails in Klaviyo
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Customers can be reminded about expiring coupons via a Klaviyo flow.

  1. Create a new flow with the trigger Created Okendo Review. It will not work with any other trigger.

    Include the trigger filters Source = review-request-email and Coupon Code is set.

2. Insert an appropriate time delay and conditional split based on whether a customer has placed a recent order.

3. Drag and drop an email into the flow. Finalise the design and include the following code in the email.

Coupon Code:

{{ event|lookup:'Coupon Code'|default:'' }}

Coupon Description (Optional):

{{ event|lookup:'Coupon Description'|default:'' }}

4. Make the email live.

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