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Integrating Referrals and Klaviyo
Integrating Referrals and Klaviyo
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Okendo’s Klaviyo integration enables the ability to incorporate referrals into email and SMS marketing strategies to personalize and optimize customer acquisition.

In this article, you'll learn:

  • Connecting Okendo to Klaviyo

  • List of Profile Properties and Events in Klaviyo

  • Strategies to boost Referral program performance

Connecting Okendo to Klaviyo

If your Okendo account is not already integrated with Klaviyo, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a private API Key called “Okendo” in Klaviyo - instructions here.

  2. Open the Okendo app > Settings > Integrations.

  3. Open the Klaviyo section, enable the integration, and copy your public and private API Keys into the corresponding fields.

  4. Click Save.

Profile properties and events in Klaviyo

Profile properties and events in Klaviyo are a powerful combination that can level up how you target customers and customize content in order to maximize the performance of a Referral Program

Okendo syncs the following Profile Properties to Klaviyo

Property name


Okendo Referral Shareable Link

Unique URL that is associated with each Referrer

Okendo Number of Successful Referrals

All time count of total successful Referrals made

Okendo Total Successful Referral Revenue

All time total Revenue associated with successful referrals

Okendo Latest Successful Referral Date

Last registered date of a successful referral

Okendo creates the following Events in Klaviyo



Event description

Referrer Profile

Sent Okendo Referral

Triggered when a customer refers someone

Received Okendo Referral Coupon

Triggered when the referral made by a customer is deemed successful and they are issued a coupon

Redeemed Okendo Referral Coupon

Triggered when a customer redeems the coupon received (in the step above)

Recipient Profile

Received Okendo Referral Coupon

Triggered when a recipient successfully retrieves their referral reward

Redeemed Okendo Referral Coupon

Triggered when a recipient redeems their referral rewards

Strategies to boost Referral program performance

With the above data in hand, various strategies can be implemented to boost the performance of a Referral program. Common tactics to amp up your Referrals program with Klaviyo include:

Tactic 1: Increase awareness of your Referrals program

Announce your program

Let customers know that you have launched a Referral program and that they can get rewarded for sharing your brand. You can do so by creating an email campaign in Klaviyo with a CTA to the Referral landing page created onsite.

Create a post-checkout flow in Klaviyo to prompt customers to refer

Take advantage of the post-checkout journey and reach out to customers who have just placed an order. If you use Klaviyo SMS, you can distribute the referral program via text and email.

Tactic 2: Perform a lookback to reach out to those that left 4 or 5-star reviews

Target top reviewers to make referrals

There are two ways to target your top advocates to make a referral.

The first way is via a flow, with the trigger “Created Okendo Review” with the “latest review rating” equal to 5. To back populate, insert a time delay into the flow, click "add past profiles", and then remove the time delay. If the time delay is set to 30 days, it will capture customers who are eligible for this flow in the past 30 days.

Manage Flow dropdown showing the Back-Populate Flow Recipients option

Klaviyo's help article can be found here.

The second way is to create a segment with the same parameters and use it in a marketing campaign. This method is beneficial if you’d prefer to approve the list prior to sending out customer communication. You can also configure the segment to only track customers who left a review in the past 30 days etc, as opposed to all time.

Tactic 3: Send reminders to Referrers and Recipients who have not made a purchase yet

Life gets in the way and sometimes your Referrers and Recipients might forget to use the rewards that are waiting in their inbox. Nudge them to shop with you by creating a reminder flow

Tactic 4: Offer one-off perks to top customers to encourage advocacy

Target top referrers to refer again

Tap into customers who have already made successful referrals to encourage them to continue their advocacy by making it easy for them to refer again.

Step 1: Create a segment for top Referrers using the conditions below. These conditions can be customized further as per specific use cases

Step 2: Create a template to add to your campaign. To make the experience even better, include the Referrer’s unique URL that is available as part of profile properties

Step 3: Schedule a campaign to be sent out to the segment created above

Segment your customer base to identify brand champions

To increase the reach of your Referral program, create more niche segments to target with campaigns

For example, some great segments to have are

  1. Customers who have purchased 2x with the brand in the last 6 months

  2. Customers who have left more than 3 reviews with the brand (All time)

  3. Customers who have subscribed to products

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