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Integrating Referrals and Klaviyo
Integrating Referrals and Klaviyo
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Okendo’s Klaviyo integration enables the ability to incorporate referrals into email and SMS marketing strategies to personalize and optimize customer acquisition.

In this article, you'll learn:

  • Connecting Okendo to Klaviyo

  • List of Profile Properties and Events in Klaviyo

  • Strategies to boost Referral program performance

Connecting Okendo to Klaviyo

If your Okendo account is not already integrated with Klaviyo, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a private API Key called “Okendo” in Klaviyo - instructions here.

  2. Open the Okendo app > Settings > Integrations.

  3. Open the Klaviyo section, enable the integration, and copy your public and private API Keys into the corresponding fields.

  4. Click Save.

Profile properties and events in Klaviyo

Profile properties and events in Klaviyo are a powerful combination that can level up how you target customers and customize content in order to maximize the performance of a Referral Program

Okendo syncs the following Profile Properties to Klaviyo:

Property name


Okendo Referral Shareable Link

Unique URL that is associated with each Referrer

Okendo Number of Successful Referrals

All time count of total successful Referrals made

Okendo Total Successful Referral Revenue

All time total Revenue associated with successful referrals

Okendo Latest Successful Referral Date

Last registered date of a successful referral

Okendo creates the following Events in Klaviyo:



Event description

Referrer Profile

Sent Okendo Referral

Triggered when a customer refers someone

Received Okendo Referral Coupon

Triggered when the referral made by a customer is deemed successful and they are issued a coupon

Redeemed Okendo Referral Coupon

Triggered when a customer redeems the coupon received (in the step above)

Recipient Profile

Received Okendo Referral Coupon

Triggered when a recipient successfully retrieves their referral reward

Redeemed Okendo Referral Coupon

Triggered when a recipient redeems their referral rewards

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