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Sending a Review Request Email After a Order is Delivered
Sending a Review Request Email After a Order is Delivered

How to configure a Sequence to send a Review Request Email after a order is delivered

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Sending Review Request Emails after an order has been delivered will ensure your customers have received their products before being asked to leave a review.

Configure the Wait Time After Delivery

  1. Navigate to the Sequences page (Mail > Sequences). See here to Get Started With Sequences.

  2. Click the first wait block in the Sequence.

  3. Select "Delivery".

  4. Configure the "Wait Time After Delivery".

If an Order has not been tracked and the delivery date is unknown, the "Wait Time After Fulfilment If Delivery Unknown" value will be used to schedule the Review Request Email.

To ensure the delivery date of the order is being used you must be tracking your packages through Shopify or Okendo's AfterShip integration.

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