Sequences is a powerful email engine allowing merchants to automate post-purchase emails to not only increase the number of reviews submitted but also encourage reviewers to leave reviews with images and videos of the products they purchased.

Create a Review Request Sequence

1 - Navigate to the Sequences page (Mail > Sequences).

2 - Click the 'New Sequence' button.

3 - Select the starting template you would like to use and give your new sequence a name.

4 - Click 'Create Sequence'.

5 - Your sequence has been created. The next step is to configure the elements of your new sequence.

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Configure Sequence Elements

Once your sequence has been created, you can start editing the various sequence elements.

There are three elements that can be configured within the Sequences engine: the ‘RECRUIT’, 'WAIT' and 'SEND' blocks. To configure a block, click on it to reveal a list of fields to edit. Non-configurable blocks will only display information about that step.


sequences recruit block options

This is where you can configure the start date of the sequence. Any orders with a fulfilment date after the start date will be recruited into the sequence. If you would like to perform a ‘lookback’ and recruit past orders into a sequence, set the start date into the past accordingly (e.g. 3 months prior).

Note: Once an email has been sent for order in a sequence it cannot recruited into another one. Therefore even if an order meets the criteria of the recruit block, if an email has already been sent for that order in another sequence it won't be recruited.

WAIT Block

Select the wait block to change the number of days the engine will wait before sending a review request email. International orders can have a different wait time if needed.

SEND Block

sequences send block options

This block allows you to configure the content of your email to match your brand. The type of email that will be sent is displayed within the block.

Previewing the Email
Seeing the email is important. It allows you to verify the email before it is sent out to your customers. The preview section in the Send block configuration allows you do to this. Clicking 'Preview Email' will display your email, compiled with the body, reward message, footer etc. on your screen. You can get the same email sent to you using the 'Send Test' button.

Note: The preview will randomly select a number of products, depending on the 'Max number of products to show'. When the email is sent to the customer, it will contain the products the customer ordered.

Start A Sequence

When a sequence is started, it will begin recruiting orders and moving them through the different steps of your flow. Depending on the settings in your recruit block, this might mean that emails will be sent to customers immediately. It's important that you have configured your sequence and have edited, previewed, and are happy with your email content.

Once you're ready to start your sequence, click the 'Start' button.

Your sequence will now start recruiting orders based on the settings in your recruit block and begin moving them through the steps of your sequence.

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