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Getting Started with Okendo
Getting Started with Okendo

Everything you need to know to set up Okendo

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Welcome to Okendo!

We're excited you chose Okendo to build a best-in-class reviews program for your store! We want to make sure you're off to a great start so we've created a series of help articles that will help you set up your Okendo app to start collecting reviews, showcasing your UGC, and designing all customer touchpoints with your reviews program to blend seamlessly with your company's brand.

Before you begin

Activate your plan: When you activate your plan, you'll have access to Okendo's full list of features (depending on the plan you choose) and you'll prevent demo reviews from appearing on your store's site.

Import your reviews: Skip this step if you're new to reviews. But if you're coming from another reviews platform, you'll want to keep your existing reviews. Easily import your existing reviews by following the instructions in this article: Importing Reviews.

Getting Started

This series of help articles will show you everything you need to know to get your reviews program up and running with Okendo. They cover the features required for collecting reviews as well as additional features that will help you optimize your reviews program.

These are the basic steps for setup and optimization:

Articles in this series

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