Using The Sequences Mail Queue

Discover when emails in a sequence are due to be sent and get an updated status of orders as they move through a sequence.

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The Sequences queue will give you an in-depth view of which orders are being processed in your Sequences, and at what step. The queue can be found in the navigation menu (Mail > Queue) within the Okendo app.

The queue will automatically show you orders that are in your active Sequence (learn how to activate a Sequence here). You can filter through paused/completed sequences and orders that are not in a Sequence.

The Sequences queue table will display information relating to your orders. Such as the order number, customer name and email address, and the products to review. The remaining columns describe which actions have been/will be performed, on that order.

Note: The items in the 'Products to Review' column may not be the same as the products ordered by a customer. For example, if the customer has already left a review for that product, it will not appear in the list.

Note: Products in the Product Blocklist will still appear in the 'Products to Review' column but will be crossed out because they will not be included in any emails.

Search By Email

Quickly find out where an order is, within your Sequence, by using the email search field in the top right corner:

Remove An Order from a Sequence

If you wish to stop all actions from being performed in a particular order you can remove the order from the Sequence. To do this, find the order in the list, or search by email. Then click the 'Remove' button on the right.

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