Moving Reviews to Another Product

Move a single review or all reviews from one product to another product

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If your customer accidentally left a review for the wrong product or you discontinued a product in your store and want its reviews to appear for a new product, you can simply transfer the review(s) to a different product.

Keep in mind that when you move a review, it's no longer visible for the original product. If you want to group reviews on product pages without moving them from their original product, don't move the review, but instead use Okendo's Grouping feature.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Move A Single Review

  1. Open Your Okendo admin. By default, the Moderate Reviews page appears.

  2. Find the review you want to move.

  3. Click the Details button on the Review Card.

  4. Click the Move button.

  5. Select a product in the list, which is where the review will now live.

  6. Click Move Review.

    You'll see the product change to the one you selected in the step above:

Move all reviews from one product to another

  1. Open your Okendo admin. By default, the Moderate Reviews page appears.

  2. Click Products in the sidebar.

  3. Click the product that contains the reviews you want to move. The Product details page appears.

  4. Click the Move Reviews button.

  5. Select the product in the list where you want to move the reviews.

  6. Click Move Reviews.

  7. Confirm your product selection by clicking Move Reviews in the pop-up message.

  8. The reviews will be moved from the old product to the new product.
    ​Note: It may take a few minutes to complete the move if you're moving a lot of reviews.

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