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See what your customers will experience by leaving a test review

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After you set up your review process using the Response Form, you may want to test how the review process will look and feel for your customers.

Important: The testing process documented in this article references the single-step review process, which is available as part of the Response Form.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Before you begin

Before you can leave a test review, you must:

  • Add at least one product to your Shopify store

  • Install the Okendo app, which you find in the Shopify App Store

Write and submit a test review

Writing a review allows you to walk through the review process to see what your customers will experience when leaving reviews. If you need to make any adjustments to your review process, return to the Review Capture page to modify the current style settings.

To test the Review page:

  1. Open your Okendo app.

  2. Click Products under Reviews in the sidebar.

  3. Select a product.

  4. Click the Test Review Capture button and when the Test Mode message appears, click Confirm.

  5. Complete the review:

    1. Select a star rating.

    2. Enter a title and a few words about the product.

    3. Add a photo or video.
      Note: This step is optional and you'll have another opportunity to test it out on page 2 of the review.

    4. Upload a test profile photo.

    5. Choose any attributes you want to include with the test review.
      Note: Some attributes require you to make a selection.

  6. Click Agree & Submit.

At this point, you've completed the review process, Okendo captured the review, and you don't need to fill out the remaining pages. However, we recommended you test the remaining pages of your review process.

To test the Enhance page:

On this page, you can test the following options if you didn't test them on the Reviews page:

  • Upload a photo or video

  • Use a Facebook or Google account to easily provide your avatar from your social profile

  • Upload a profile photo

To test the Post-Review page:

In this section, the example shows all the post-review modules. Keep in mind that you may not have your Enhanced Review Capture Form configured this way.

  1. Select a star rating.

    Note: During testing, the site rating doesn't work.
    Note: This rating allows your customers to let you know about their overall shopping experience at your store.

  2. Write a review for another product.

    Okendo redirects you to a new review page where you can write about the product and add media.

  3. Click Shop Now to test the Shop More Products setting.

    Okendo redirects you to the product detail page in your store.

View the test review

All reviews that you submitted while testing the process will appear in the Moderation section of your Okendo app. To view a test review, click Reviews, and then click Moderation. The Moderate Reviews page appears:

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