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Syncing Reviews with the Shop App
Syncing Reviews with the Shop App

Sync product reviews between the Shop App and Okendo

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The integration between Okendo and the Shop App enables two-way syndication of product reviews between the two platforms. When enabled, reviews will automatically display across both platforms, helping you get the most out of the reviews you've collected.

There are two facets to the integration - syncing Shop reviews to Okendo, and vice versa from Okendo to the Shop app.

Sync Reviews from the Shop App to Okendo

To sync reviews from the Shop App to Okendo, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Okendo app > Settings > Integrations > Shop App > toggle on Sync Reviews from Shop App to Okendo.

  2. Save.

After enabling this setting, any new reviews captured within the Shop App will immediately sync across to Okendo. All pre-existing reviews within the Shop App will also be synced over to Okendo, though this process may take up to 24 hours.

Note: Shop App reviews cannot be moderated in Okendo, as per Shopify's rules. This means that all reviews will show in Okendo and cannot be hidden. To avoid this, keep this toggle off in Okendo.

Sync Okendo Reviews to the Shop App

To sync Okendo reviews to the Shop App, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Shop App > Settings > Shop Reviews > Display reviews from partner apps in the Shop app.

Once enabled, Okendo reviews will be automatically pushed to the Shop App. Keep in mind that only local reviews will show, as Shopify deems syndicated reviews as duplicates.

The number of published reviews in the Shop app might be less than the number of reviews displayed in the Okendo admin because reviews published on Shop must comply with the Shop Product Review Policies. For any questions regarding this, we recommend contacting Shop's support team.

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