Getting Started With Attributes

An introduction to customer and product attributes in Okendo

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In the dynamic world of e-commerce, understanding your customers and their preferences is crucial for success. Okendo Reviews empowers you to delve deeper into customer insights through the use of attributes. Attributes allow you to capture valuable information about both your products and your customers' experiences. This guide will walk you through the process of getting started with attributes, the types available, and how to configure them for optimal results.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Getting Started

  • Types of Attributes

  • Special Note

Getting Started

To begin harnessing the power of attributes, navigate to the Attributes tab within the Okendo app. Attributes are configurable on a per-Shopify collection basis.

When creating attributes, the first step is to choose the Shopify collection to which these attributes will apply.

Types of Attributes:

There are four types of attributes you can leverage:

  1. Range: Customers provide a rating on a scale of 1-5.

  2. Centred Range: A variation of the Range attribute, useful for measuring deviation from an existing standard.

  3. Multi-Select: Customers can choose multiple options from a pre-configured group, ideal for capturing diverse insights.

  4. Single Select: Customers must select a single option, great for specific insights like age, gender, or other customer characteristics.

Exploring Each Attribute Type:

Range Attributes:

  • Capture insights into product dimensions like 'Quality', 'Design', or 'Ease of Use'.

  • Configure by providing a title, scale labels, and preview the appearance during the review process.

Centred-Range Attributes:

  • Ideal for capturing insights into product sizing, where measuring deviation from a standard is crucial.

  • Follow the same process as Range attributes, including an additional middle label requirement.

Multi-Select Attributes:

  • Suited for capturing multiple options from a broader set.

  • Configure by providing a title and options for customers to choose from, with a maximum of 5 selections.

Single-Select Attributes:

  • Perfect for capturing a single, specific insight, often related to customer characteristics.

  • Configure by providing a title, options, and additional controls for display preferences.

Special Note:

Attributes can be made optional or private. The latter will be recorded but not shown on-site.

Explore popular attribute configurations for specific industries in the provided articles:

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