Gorgias is a helpdesk that allows your Support team to efficiently and quickly handle your customers' support requests. When you integrate Gorgias with Okendo, you can automatically create support tickets for negative reviews captured in Okendo.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Retrieve your API information from Gorgias

  • Set up Okendo to integrate with Gorgias

Before you begin

You need to add the Gorgias app to your Shopify store, which you can install from here.

Retrieve your API information and username from Gorgias

You'll need to retrieve the Base API URL, username, and API Key from your Gorgias app before you can complete the integration in your Okendo app.

  1. Log into Gorgias.

  2. Click Tickets and then click Settings.

  3. Navigate to You and then click REST API.

  4. Copy these items:

    1. Base API URL

    2. Username (your email address)

    3. Password (API Key)

  5. Go to the next section to complete the integration.

Set up Gorgias to integrate with Okendo

Any users you configure for this integration must have permission to create tickets in Gorgias. Click here to learn more.

  1. Open your Okendo app.

  2. Click Settings in the sidebar, and then click Integrations.

  3. Navigate to Gorgias and click the edit icon to expand the section.

  4. Paste the items you copied in Gorgias to the corresponding fields in Okendo:

    • Base API URL to API Domain

    • Username (your email address) to Username

    • Password (API Key) to API Key

  5. Configure the rules used to create tickets. Okendo supports creating tickets for reviews below a certain rating threshold and reviews with a negative sentiment score.

  6. Click Save.

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