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How to integrate Zendesk with Okendo
How to integrate Zendesk with Okendo

Instructions for setting up a Zendesk Helpdesk integration with Okendo

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Integrating your help desk with Okendo allows you to automatically open tickets for negative reviews and unhappy customers. This guide will show you how to integrate Okendo with Zendesk by generating and retrieving the necessary Zendesk details and entering them into Okendo.

Connecting Okendo to Zendesk

Before you begin, ensure that both Okendo and Zendesk are installed.

  1. Prepare your Zendesk details: You will need your Zendesk login email address, a Zendesk API token, and your Zendesk domain. Instructions to retrieve these details are provided below.

  2. Navigate to the integrations page in Okendo: Go to Settings > Integrations.

  3. Enter Zendesk details into Okendo: Open the Zendesk section and enter your API Domain, Username (email), and API Key from Zendesk into the corresponding fields.

  4. Configure ticket creation rules: Okendo supports creating tickets for reviews below a certain rating threshold and/or reviews with a negative sentiment score.

  5. Click Save.

Generating a Zendesk API Token for Okendo

  1. Login to Zendesk.

  2. Go to the admin section: Click the gear icon in the sidebar.

  3. Navigate to Channels > API.

  4. Enable Token Access.

  5. Add a new token: Click the + button.

  6. Describe the API token: In the API Token Description field, type 'Okendo Reviews'.

  7. Copy the API token: Save the text in the API Token field somewhere safe, such as a Word document, because once you click "Save," the token will not be shown again. Note: Once this token is sent to Okendo, you can safely delete your copy.

  8. Click Save.

Finding Your Zendesk Domain

  1. Login to Zendesk.

  2. Go to the admin section: Click the gear icon in the sidebar.

  3. Navigate to Admin Home > Overview.

  4. Locate your Zendesk domain: It can be found in the top right corner below your profile icon. It should look something like [yourcompany]

By following these steps, you will successfully integrate Okendo with Zendesk, allowing for automated ticket creation based on customer reviews.

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