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How to integrate with Okendo
How to integrate with Okendo

Instructions for setting up a loyalty integration with Okendo

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Loyalty points are a great tool for incentivizing your customers to leave a review and attach a photo or video. To integrate Okendo and Smile, you must do two things: connect your Smile account to Okendo and configure the Okendo actions inside Smile. This guide will walk you through both steps.

Connecting Smile as your Loyalty Points provider

1 - Ensure both Okendo and Smile are installed. You can install the Smile app from Shopify here. Smile integrates with Okendo through a Smile app. Members of the Smile Small Business plan and above are allowed to install Smile apps. Ensure you have enough free app slots to install Okendo.
2 - Navigate to the integrations page inside the Okendo (Settings > Integrations).
3 - Open the integration section and click Connect. You will be redirected to Smile to install the Okendo Smile app.

4 - Click Authorize. You will be redirected back to Okendo and should now see Connected in the section.

Important: If you have multiple Smile accounts (for example for multiple regions), ensure you're connecting Okendo to the correct one by checking Smile account name in the top right before Authorizing.

5 - Navigate to the Rewards page inside the Okendo admin. Click Loyalty Points.
6 - From the Loyalty Provider dropdown, select
7 - Click Save to save your loyalty settings.

Configuring Okendo actions inside

Okendo sends information about customer review events to Smile. In order to award points for these events, they must be configured appropriately inside Smile.

1 - Open and login to the Smile app.
2 - Navigate to Program > Points > View All Actions and click Add ways to earn.
3 - Scroll down to find the Write a review action labelled Okendo and click it.

4 - Enter the number of points you'd like to award for this action and click Create.

5 - You can further customise the earning rule as you desire.
6 - Configure other Okendo actions in Smile. Okendo allows you to incentivise customers for improving their reviews by attaching pictures, videos or profile pictures. You can configure these actions in the same way you just have, by following steps 2 to 5, just use the actions named: Attach a picture to your review, Attach a video to your review, and Attach a profile picture to your review. Note: The points awarded for these events applies on top of the points for the original review. For example, if a customer uploads a review with a picture and the Write a review action awards 100 points and the Attach a picture to your review action awards 30 points, the customer will receive 130 points in total.

7 - Click Save
8 - Your new reviews generated through review request emails will automatically award your customers with loyalty points.

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