Integrating Loyalty with Klaviyo
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Merchants may want to centralize email and campaign management in marketing automation platforms, such as Klaviyo. Okendo Loyalty integrates with Klaviyo, to enable merchants to personalize their loyalty program experience.

In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to Connect Okendo Loyalty to Klaviyo

  • Loyalty property and event data sent to Klaviyo

  • Email comms enabled using this data

Connecting Okendo Loyalty to Klaviyo

To connect Okendo Loyalty to Klaviyo, follow the instructions from this support article.


If you have an existing connection between another Okendo product and Klaviyo, you may piggyback off this connection and skip this step.

Loyalty property and event data sent to Klaviyo

Profile property data

The following information is synced to Profile properties in Klaviyo. This information can be used as email content or to create lists or segments.

Property name


Okendo Loyalty VIP Tier

Current VIP Tier associated with the member. This property will only sync to Klaviyo if VIP Tiers are enabled and the member's program status is enrolled.

Okendo Loyalty Program Status

The current program status of the member. Statuses include:
- enrolled: The member opted in to loyalty program.
- pending: The member is known to Okendo, but has not opted in to the loyalty program.
- blocked: The member is blocked from participating in the loyalty program.

Okendo Loyalty Enrolment Date

The date that a member opted in to the merchant's loyalty program, effectively becoming enrolled.

Okendo Loyalty Points Balance

The current points balance of the customer. This property will show against both enrolled and pending members.

Okendo Loyalty Next Birthday Date

The next birthday date of a member.

Okendo Loyalty Points Expiry Date

If a member demonstrates no earn or redemption activity by this date, Okendo Loyalty will remove their points balance.

Event data

Okendo Loyalty creates the following events, against profiles, in Klaviyo. Use event data to trigger/filter flows or create lists or segments.

Event name


Enrolled in Okendo Loyalty

Triggered whenever the member status changes.

Okendo Loyalty Points Awarded

Triggered whenever points are earned from an action. Properties include points earned, action and description.

Okendo Loyalty Points Redeemed

Triggered whenever a redemption event takes place. Properties include points spent, description, coupon description and coupon code.

Okendo Loyalty Tier Changed

Triggered whenever a tier changes. Properties include old tier, new tier earning period end and Is Tier Upgrade.

Okendo Loyalty Points Adjusted

Triggered whenever points are manually adjusted by the merchant. Properties include adjusted amount and adjusted description.

Email comms enabled using this data

You can use this profile property and event data to automate email comms for the following use cases:

  • Welcome emails for your loyalty program.

  • 'Points awarded' transactional emails whenever a member completes a specific action.

  • 'Redeemed reward' transactional emails whenever a member uses points to redeem a reward.

  • 'Tier change' transactional emails, whenever a member is upgraded or downgrade, from one tier to the next.

  • 'Nudge' marketing emails, to incentivize members to earn more points, if they are close to their next reward.

  • 'Nudge' marketing emails, to incentivize members to redeem a reward, if a member has enough points to claim it.

  • 'Points adjustment' transactional emails, when a member's points have been manually adjusted by the merchant.

Disabling email communications in Okendo Loyalty

When using marketing automation platforms for loyalty communications, merchants will want to disable the same email types in Okendo Loyalty.

Please refer to this article on how to complete this task.

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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