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Welcome to Okendo Loyalty, a powerful solution that help merchants increase customer life time value (CLTV) and drive revenue by incentivizing their most loyalty customers with rewards, benefits and special perks that increase engagement and retention. Discover how Okendo Loyalty can revolutionize your customer engagement strategy and drive sustainable business growth.

Problems Okendo Loyalty Solves

1. High Customer Acquisition Costs

Acquiring new customers can cost up to 5 times more than retaining existing customers and building brand loyalty. Okendo Loyalty mitigates this challenge by focusing on rewarding and retaining your most loyal customers, turning them into superfans.

2. Decreasing ROI from Traditional Marketing Channels

Rising costs and increasing competition often lead to diminishing returns from traditional marketing efforts. Okendo Loyalty introduces a more cost-effective approach, leveraging the power of customer loyalty to drive referrals, repeat purchases, and revenue growth.

3. Data Privacy Regulations

Tighter data privacy regulations make it challenging to build a loyal customer base. Okendo Loyalty allows you to capture valuable customer data to enhance personalization and improve retention.

How Okendo Loyalty Solves These Issues

Okendo Loyalty helps merchants increase customer lifetime value and engagement by rewarding their most loyal brand advocates with special perks as a thank you for their loyalty. These incentives turn into new customer referrals, repeat purchases, and revenue growth.

Merchants can also capture data and access insights that help them further personalize communication and create meaningful experiences that increase retention.

What is Okendo Loyalty?

Okendo Loyalty is a points-based, tiered loyalty program. Customers accumulate points for specific actions and later redeem these for discounts and rewards. Where enabled, a customer may also progress to higher VIP tiers (based on their spend history), unlocking new rewards and perks.

Merchants tailor the customer experience, including the rules of their loyalty program and on-site displays. Merchants can also integrate Okendo Loyalty with their existing technology stack, to facilitate seamless communications and smoother business operations.

Getting Started

Okendo Loyalty is easy to implement. Merchants can enable, configure and launch their loyalty program, within a day.

To get started with Okendo Loyalty, follow these easy steps:

  1. Install and configure the desired on-site displays

  2. Customize loyalty email comms (in Okendo Loyalty and/or 3rd party email service providers) to align with your brand

  3. Optional - Import customer records (including points balance) from your previous loyalty provider.

  4. Launch the Loyalty Program to your customers

Embark on a journey of customer loyalty and sustainable growth with Okendo Loyalty. Launch your loyalty program today and unlock the full potential of customer engagement.

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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