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Loyalty Data in Customer Profiles
Loyalty Data in Customer Profiles
Written by Glenn Lee
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Okendo Loyalty records data against Okendo Customer Profiles, which can be viewed within the Okendo app.

In this article, you'll learn about:

  • Accessing customer profiles

  • Adjusting current points balance and VIP Tiers

  • Loyalty data as metafields

Accessing Customer Profiles

Within the Okendo app, navigate to Profiles > Customer > Profiles

Summary Tab

On the Summary Tab, view the following Loyalty information:



Date Points Expire

The date a customer's points will expire, if they do not earn any more points or place an order before then. The date will reset 12 months from their last activity or never. This field will not show, if the merchant sets points to never expire

Loyalty Enrolment Date

The date a customer opted into the loyalty program and thus, became an enrolled member

Loyalty Points Balance

Total points earned less total points redeemed

Loyalty Points Pending

Total points earned on rules that have a points delay. These points will be added to the customer's/member's points balance, when the delay periods expire.

Loyalty Points Spent

Total points spent to redeem rewards

Loyalty Rewards Claimed

Total number of rewards claimed

Loyalty Status

Member status in the loyalty program. Values can either be:
- enrolled: Explicitly opted-in to the merchant's loyalty program
- pending: Earned points, but not opted into the merchant's loyalty program
- blocked: Blocked from participating from the merchant's loyalty program

Loyalty VIP Tier

Current VIP Tier of the enrolled member. Only enrolled loyalty status members are assigned a VIP Tier. This field will only show if VIP Tiers have been enabled

Tier Entry Date

The date that an enrolled status member achieved their Loyalty VIP Tier. This field will only show if VIP Tiers have been enabled

Tier Expiry Date

The date that a Loyalty VIP Tier status expires against an enrolled member. Enrolled members need to meet current tier spend limits, by the expiry date, to remain on that tier. This field will only show if VIP Tiers have been enabled

Loyalty Tab

On the Loyalty tab, you can view the current points balance, number of rewards redeemed (and points spent) and VIP Tier (if enabled) of the customer/member. They can also view the earn, redemption and adjustment activity for the member.

They can filter activity results based on the following criteria:

  • Event: Earning, Redemption, Adjustment

  • Status: Complete, Pending, Declined

  • Date: All time, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, This month, or a custom date range

Adjusting Current Points Balance

The customer’s point balance can be adjusted by selecting on the icon.

This will reveal a screen where the adjustment amount can be entered (positive or negative value) as well as an internal (against the member in Okendo Admin) and external facing text description (against the member's transaction history) for the change.

Adjusting VIP Tiers

VIP Tiers can also be adjusted by selecting on the icon agains the tier name. This is useful in situations where a merchant wants to promote a member, as compensation, or demote a member who may have achieved a tier status fraudulently.

Merchants select the desired tier and the period of time, a member stays on that tier. While on the new tier, members can access all perks and benefits associated with that tier. Once that period expires, the member's tier status is recalculated, based on their previous 12 month spend. Merchants have the option to send VIP Tier promotion emails to members who are promoted to higher tiers.

Loyalty Data as Metafields

Merchants can also enable Loyalty data against Shopify customer records, in the form of metafields. This data can then be used to personalize the member experience (e.g. exposing VIP Tier status in a member's account page or creating a customer segment based on a metafield value). The following metafields are sent from Okendo Loyalty to Shopify customer profiles:

  • Points Balance

  • Loyalty Status

  • VIP Tier

To show metafields against Shopify customer profiles, go to Loyalty > Settings > Advanced and select Grant Permission against Shopify Customer Metafields.


If you still cannot see metafields against Shopify customer records, please contact our support team.

If you have any other specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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