Configuring VIP Tiers
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VIP Tiers allow merchants to drive loyalty by incentivizing members to spend more to obtain a specific program ‘status’ and with it, unlock special rewards and perks. VIP Tiers also drive loyalty program sign-ups, as they are only available to enrolled members.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Creating and configuring VIP Tiers

Creating VIP Tiers

New tiers can be created by going to Loyalty > Configure > Points Rules > VIP Tiers. There is no limit to the number of tiers that can be created, however we recommend between 3-5 tiers in total, to maximize member interest.

⚠️ Things to note

By default, Okendo creates a base tier. New members will be assigned to this tier, when they join a merchant’s loyalty program.

To create a new tier:

  1. Select the ‘+’ button. Give the new tier a name, by typing in the name text field, at the top of the new tier.

  2. Change the icon, by clicking on the icon next to the name text field. You can also change the icon color, by editing the HEX Color Code

  3. Add a spend requirement limit (in the store’s currency), that when achieved, will move members into that tier.

  4. View earn points and redeem rewards rule variations enabled for that tier. To edit these, open up each rule under ‘Earn Points’ and ‘Redeem Rewards’. See ‘Rule Variations’ for more information.

  5. Add perks, to provide members with non-discount rewards (for example, once-off experiences, exclusive offers, first access to new products) and to incentivise tier progress.

NOTE: Perks added to a tier are promoted onsite (via loyalty landing page or loyalty widgets), but are manually tracked and fulfilled by the merchant.

Modify or delete VIP Tiers

A merchant can modify or delete existing VIP Tiers, provided VIP Tiers HAVE NOT been launched. If a merchant wishes to modify or delete VIP Tiers after they have launched, they will need to contact Okendo support.

To modify an existing tier:

  1. Go to Loyalty > Configure > Points Rules > VIP Tiers and select the tier in question.

  2. Modify details as required.

To delete an existing tier:

  1. Go to Loyalty > Configure > Points Rules > VIP Tiers and select the tier in question.

  2. Select the Delete button at the bottom of the tier.

Rule Variations

Once VIP Tiers have been created, rule variations are added to further emphasize the tier hierarchy,

To add rule variations:

  1. Locate the relevant Earn Points rule in Loyalty > Configure > Points Rules > Earn Points or the relevant Redeem Rewards rule in Loyalty > Configure > Points Rules > Redeem Points.

  2. Select the relevant rule and go to the Available on Tiers section.

  3. Place a checkmark against each relevant VIP Tier. The rule will not apply to unchecked VIP Tiers (and therefore members on those tiers).

  4. Select against each checked tier and select whether to Change Tier Points or Multiply Tier Points for Earn Points rules or Modify Tier Reward or Multiply Tier Rewards for Redeem Reward rules.

    1. Change Tier Points and Modify Tier Reward allow merchants to specify a specific value as part of the rule setup.

    2. Multiply Tier Points and Multiply Tier Rewards allow merchants to use multiples of the base points or discount setup, specified in the rule.

VIP Program Settings

Launching VIP Tiers

VIP Tiers can be launched at the same time as the loyalty program. Alternatively, VIP Tiers may be launched after the loyalty program has launched. In this case, merchants will be provided with a separate 'Launch' button under 'VIP Program' settings.

Important things about VIP Tiers

  • Once a merchant launches VIP Tiers to members (either as part of the overall program launch, or after their loyalty program has launched), new tiers cannot be added and existing tiers cannot be deleted.

    • A tier’s spend requirement cannot be changed, once launched,

      • However perks and rule variations can be changed at any time.

      • These changes will take effect on all actions and redemptions incurred after the change.

    • Merchants should contact Okendo if they wish to modify the number of tiers or spend requirements per tier, after launching their loyalty program.

  • Tiers are recalculated with every return/canceled order.

    • For returns/canceled orders, Okendo Loyalty will look to reinstate members prior to their return/canceled order, (eg remove points associated with returned/canceled orders, return members to their previous tier and reinstate the previous tier expiry date).

  • As mentioned previously, only enrolled members can be assigned to VIP Tiers. Pending and non-members (ie customers who are not enrolled and don’t have ANY points) are never assigned to VIP Tiers.

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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