Adding Coupon Rewards to a Quiz
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In this article, you’ll learn how to:

Configure Rewards

Increase the number of quiz responses you receive by incentivizing your customers. You can configure a quiz to reward your customers when they complete it. Your customer will see a coupon code on the Recommendations Page and they'll also receive an email with the coupon code.

  1. Click Edit Quiz > Configure > Rewards.

  2. Select A Coupon for reward quiz completion.

  3. In the Discount field, specify the amount and choose between percentage (%) or dollar amount ($) off their next purchase.

  4. In the Minimum purchase field, specify the minimum purchase amount, if any, that your customers must meet to use the discount.

  5. In the Expires after field, select the number of days that your customer has to use the discount before it expires.

  6. (Optional) In the Applies to Collection field, select a collection where the customer can use their discount. If no collection is selected, your customer can use the discount for any product.

  7. In the Description box, enter the text that participants will see once they complete the quiz and earn their reward.

Upon completion of the quiz, the customer will see their results and coupon code. The latter can be copied and will also be emailed if the customer has provided those details.

Apply custom coupon reward messaging

Coupon messaging can be adjusted to better align with a store's brand. Set custom text for the following fields on the recommendation page:

Earning Confirmation: The text that displays once a coupon is generated. E.g. You’ve earned a coupon!

Coupon Reveal Text: The text that displays the user is prompted to enter their email to view the coupon code. E.g. Enter your email to reveal your coupon.

To configure the custom coupon message:

  1. Navigate to the Configure tab and open the Rewards section.

  2. Replace the text under the Earning Confirmation and Coupon Reveal text fields.

Customize the coupon email

  1. Go to Mail > Mail Templates > Quiz Coupon Reward from the sidebar.

  2. Select the existing email or create a new one by clicking the + New Email button.

  3. Modify a color in the Style section by using the Hex color picker or enter a new Hex code in the field provided.
    Note: If you want to make this email unique from the rest of your customer-facing messages, toggle on the Global Styling switch to override the current global style settings.

  4. Click the Header section to add your company logo or another on-brand image.
    Note: You need to toggle on Global Styling to change the current image.

  5. Click the Body section to personalize these areas:

    • Add your own Subject Line.

    • Type a greeting in the Salutation field. You can use variables in this field to really personalize your greeting.

    • Replace the default Body Content with your own custom message.

  6. Click the Footer tab to add a footer (optional).

  7. Click Save Changes.

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