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A shareable link gives you the flexibility to distribute your survey across email, SMS, and social media. After you create a survey, you can add it to the Shareable Link Channel to create a link to send to your customers or post on your social media channels.

You can also create two separate shareable links for a single survey to test which one works better. You can post the links to different channels (email, SMS, or social media) to see which one gets more responses.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Before you begin

You'll need to create a survey before you can add it to any survey channels. Click here to learn more.

Create a shareable link survey

  1. Go to Surveys > Channels > Shareable Link.

  2. Click the + Add Survey button.

  3. Select a survey in the Survey Questions drop-down list.

  4. Enter a Description.
    This internal-only name appears in the Survey List on the Shareable link page.

  5. Enter a Page Title.
    This name appears when you share this link on social media.

  6. Toggle Require customers to provide email address to enforce customers to provide their email address before submitting a survey. If the setting is turned off, the email address question can be manually included in the survey but will be skippable.

  7. Toggle on the Show logo on questions to display your brand's logo at the top of the survey.

Configure Rewards

Increase the number of survey responses you receive by incentivizing your customers. You can configure a survey to reward your customers when they complete it. Your customer will see a coupon code on the Outro page and they'll also receive an email with the coupon code.

  1. Click the Rewards tab.

    Note: When you click the tab, it automatically toggles on the rewards option.

  2. In the Discount field, specify the amount and choose between percentage (%) or dollar amount ($) off their next purchase.

  3. In the Minimum purchase field, specify the minimum purchase amount, if any, that your customers must meet to use the discount.

  4. In the Expires after field, select the number of days that your customer has to use the discount before it expires.

  5. (Optional) In the Applies to collection field, select a collection where the customer can use their discount. If no collection is selected, your customer can use the discount for any product.

  6. In the Description box, enter the text that participants will see once they complete the survey and earn their reward.

Custom Coupon Reward Messaging

Coupon messaging can be adjusted to better align with a store's brand. Set custom text for the following fields on the recommendation page:

Earning Confirmation: The text that displays once a coupon is generated. E.g. You’ve earned a coupon!

Coupon Reveal Text: The text that displays the user is prompted to enter their email to view the coupon code. E.g. Enter your email to reveal your coupon.

To configure the custom coupon message:

  1. Navigate to the Configure tab and open the Rewards section.

  2. Replace the text under the Earning Confirmation and Coupon Reveal text fields.

Customize the Intro page

Invite your customers to take your survey with an Intro page. The Intro page is the first page they will see when they begin a survey and you can configure it to show a welcome message.

  1. Click the Intro Page tab.

  2. Add a Title and a Subtitle (which is optional).

  3. Change the Button Text.

  4. Add your company logo or another brand image to your survey by selecting an option in the Image Type drop-down list.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • If you want to customize the Outro page, continue to the next section.

    • If you're finished making changes, click Add.

Customize the Outro page

Thank you customers for providing their insights with a personalized message on the Outro page. The Outro page is the last page they'll see when they complete the survey. You can configure this page to display a thank you message, a reward code, and a button that links to a page on your store's site.

To customize the Outro page

  1. Click the Outro Page tab.

  2. Add a Title and a Subtitle (which is optional).

  3. Select an option for the Button Type. For example, you can configure the button to link to a page in your store when clicked.

  4. Change the Button Text to match your store's voice and tone.

  5. Add your company logo or another brand image to your survey by selecting an option in the Image Type drop-down list.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • If you want to customize the Outro page, continue to the next section.

    • If you're finished making changes, click Add.

How rewards work on the Outro page

If you set up rewards for completed surveys, the rewards coupon code automatically appears on the Outro page. When you configure the Outro page to include a button, Okendo applies the coupon at checkout. This gives your customers the chance to use their newly earned discount immediately.

Copy the shareable link

After you complete the steps above, Okendo automatically takes you back to the Shareable Links page. In the URL field, click the link icon button to copy the new shareable link.

Supported query string parameters

Email address

The shareable link URL supports the addition of a query string with email parameter in the following format:

Replace "EMAIL_ADDRESS" with the actual email address you want to include in the query string. The email entered will be automatically collected in the survey after the link is clicked.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

If the first question in your survey is an NPS question, a query string parameter 'q1' can be added to the URL in the following format to pre-fill the answer option:

In the example above, '8' will be pre-filled as the NPS answer option. Values supported range from 1 - 10. If you have the capability to build an email template with selection buttons for each score option, the values can be passed through to the query string. A customer’s selection should click through to the survey with their chosen score pre-filled.

Preview your shareable link survey

You can preview how your survey will appear to your participants. In the preview window on the right-hand side of the page, you can click through each question and provide answers. Keep in mind that this is just a preview and we don't record your practice responses with the actual results of the survey.

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