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A guide to setup the Okendo GA Dashboard for displaying key metrics from your GA4 properties.

Written by Rowan Puckeridge
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Okendo's integration with Google Analytics (GA4) offers a seamless connection between your GA4 data and Okendo's built-in dashboard. This integration empowers you to gain valuable insights into how customer interactions with Okendo's review widgets influence critical e-commerce metrics. The in-built Okendo dashboard serves as a centralized hub for visualizing and analyzing this data.

The dashboard tracks these metrics and displays the corresponding values:

  • Conversion Rate

  • Revenue

  • Transactions

  • Average Order Value (AOV)

To learn more about the definitions of the metrics, refer to this help article. The widget also tracks on-screen widget time, which can be read about here.

Setting up the Okendo GA Dashboard

Pre-requisite : Shopify Admin Configuration

  1. Go to the Shopify Admin for the store.

  2. Navigate to Google & YouTube under the Sales channels heading

  3. Check to see that a Google Analytics 4 property is connected in the store, as shown below. If the heading states “Your Google Analytics property”, then a property is already connected.

  4. If there is no property connected, select a property from the dropdown and select Connect. Note: If a Google Account is not yet connected to the Shopify store, follow these steps here

Okendo Configuration

  1. Open your Okendo admin.

  2. Navigate to Widgets (Settings > Widgets).

  3. Select Global Site Tag (gtag.js) or Google Tag Manager (if you're unsure, select gtag.js).

    Analytics provider selection drop down in Okendo Admin

    ℹ️ If using Google Tag Manager, refer to this help article to complete a few extra steps.

  4. Next, navigate to Integrations (Settings > Integrations).

  5. Select Connect and login with your preferred Google account.

  6. Select the properties you wish to sync data from in the list and click Save.

  7. Navigate to Google Analytics Dashboard (Insights > Google Analytics).

  8. Select a GA property and configure the data range as required to view your data.

  9. Wait 48 - 72 hours for the data to sync. Please note that if Global Site Tag or Google Tag Manager weren't selected prior to enabling the integration, the report will need a few weeks to collect the data.

Note: If a page appears saying "This app is blocked", refer to this troubleshooting article.

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