Tracking Widget On-Screen Time

How to track widget on-screen time with Google Analytics 4

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ℹ️ This article applies to Widget Plus merchants

Okendo allows the tracking of on-screen time for Okendo reviews widgets and carousels to indicate how long customers spent reading reviews. This can be used to determine the correlation between the length of time Okendo reviews have been read and the customer making a store purchase.

Before you begin

The Okendo Widget On-Screen Tracking requires that you have configured your Shopify store with Google Analytics 4 and have setup an analytics provider from the Okendo Admin. If you have not yet done this, follow this article to enable the integration between Okendo and your preferred analytics provider.

Enabling On-Screen Tracking in Okendo

  1. Open your Okendo admin.

  2. Go to Settings > Widgets from the sidebar.

  3. Enable the Widget On-Screen Tracking toggle.

  4. Click Save.

How it works

The on-screen widget tracking is triggered when we have determined that the reviews in an Okendo widget are being viewed by the customer. The criteria used to determine this differs for both the reviews widget and carousel.

Reviews Widget

For the Reviews Widget, a customer is considered to be reading reviews when the widget is close to the center of their screen. This is determined by applying a -30% margin to the top and a -40% margin to the bottom of the customer’s browser screen. By taking this approach, we can avoid tracking on-screen time when the reviews aren’t in focus. These margins are indicated by the red shading below. If the reviews widget is visible between these 2 margins, the customer is considered to be viewing the reviews.

Being Tracked

Being Tracked Focus Area

Not Being Tracked

Not Being Tracked Focus Area

Reviews Carousel

A different standard is applied to the Reviews Carousel. A customer is considered to be reading the reviews of the Reviews Carousel if at least 80% of the widget is visible on their screen. This is due to the nature of the Reviews Carousel varying quite a lot in height depending on its configured settings and the length of the content.

Being Tracked

Carousel Being Tracked

Not Being Tracked


Once an Okendo reviews widget or carousel is determined to be in-view by the customer, an analytics event will be sent every 5 seconds to your selected analytics provider. The event name will be as follows:

  • Reviews Widget: okendo_reviews_widget_on_screen_timer

  • Carousel Widget: okendo_homepage_carousel_on_screen_timer

Each event represents 5 seconds (5000ms) of time the customer has spent viewing reviews. A simple calculation can be performed to determine the length of time customers have had reviews on-screen:

(event count x 5) / 60 = total minutes on screen

Google Analytics 4 Reporting

You can view captured events for Okendo widgets by going to your GA4 property in the Google Analytics dashboard and following these steps:

  1. Go to Reports > Engagement > Events.

  2. Search for on_screen_timer in the search box and press Enter.

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