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Building Journeys in Attentive to Send Email Review Requests
Building Journeys in Attentive to Send Email Review Requests

Send Email review requests in Attentive by building a journey

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By building a journey in Attentive, you can send Email review requests using an Okendo sequence. You can also enable your Attentive journey to send review request reminders and 'Thank You' messages to your customers.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Before you begin

You need to authorize Okendo to access Attentive before you can build a journey. For more information, see Integrating with Attentive.

Build a journey

  1. Log in to Attentive.

  2. In the Attentive sidebar, click Journeys.

  3. Click the Create Journey button in the upper-right corner of the page.

  4. Click the Start from scratch tile, and then click the Okendo - Review Request tile.

    Click Get Started.

  5. In the Journey map, click the plus icon (+) and select the Branch option.

  6. Choose the condition What channel(s) are active for the subscriber and select Text Only. Two branches should appear on the Journey map, Channel Type of Text Only and Channel Type of Email Only or Both Text + Email.

  7. Click the plus icon (+) beneath Channel type of Text Only and select Send text message. Enter the required details, compose your SMS and click Save.

  8. Click the plus icon (+) beneath Channel type of Email Only or Both Text + Email and select Send email. Enter the required details, compose your email and click Save.

  9. Click Turn on to activate your journey.

Add event variables

An event variable allows you to personalize your text message and email based on the event that Okendo sends to Attentive. The available event variables are:

Event Variable


{{triggerEvent.custom['First Name']}}

Customer's first name as it appears in their Shopify order

{{triggerEvent.custom['Last Name']}}

Customer's last name as it appears in their Shopify order

{{triggerEvent.custom['Product Name']}}

Name of a product in the customer's Shopify order

Note: Okendo sends the name of the first product in the order to Attentive.

{{triggerEvent.custom['Product Review Url']}}

URL of the review request form

Note: You must add the {Product Review Url} event variable so that your customers can access the review request form.

The URL links to the review request form for the first product in the order. Your customers can submit reviews for any other products in their orders after they submit the first review.

{{triggerEvent.custom['Product Variant Name']}}

If one exists, name of the product variant

To add event variables

  1. Follow the steps in the previous section, Build a journey.

  2. In the Send text message box, compose your message in the Message box.

  3. As you compose your message, click the Personalization button to add an event variable.

  4. Click Save.

  5. In the Send email box, click to compose your email using the drag-and-drop editor.

  6. Select a template and edit the content. Customise your email by adding text, images, buttons and more from the editor's Content tab.

  7. Utilize trigger event variables by clicking into a text field and then the Insert variable button. Choose variables from the Triggering event such as the user's First Name, Last Name and the Product Name and Product Review URL category. Then click Insert.

  8. Next you can add a list of products from the order to display in your email. First add a new row from the Rows tab and drag and drop a Dynamic List from the Content tab.

  9. Click the Add list button and then choose Products.

  10. Select the number of items to display. The list is capped to a maximum of 5 products. Choose your layout and check the boxes of the list details you would like to include.

  11. If adding an image you can select the variable {{item['Image Url']}} as the image source and {{item['Review Url']}} to optionally have it click through to the review capture form.

  12. If adding text you can choose from the following variables to display: {{item['Review Url']}, {{item['Name']}} and {{item['Variant Name']}}.

  13. Once you have finished configuring your email content click Save and return to journey.

Create a reminder in Attentive

You can add a branch to your Attentive journey that will send a reminder to the customer to submit a review. After Okendo sends review request emails to customers, it creates the Okendo Review Created event. Attentive uses this event to filter the Okendo Review Request event when sending reminders to customers.

  1. Open your active Okendo Review Request journey, and then click Edit journey.

  2. From the Rules sidebar, drag and drop a Wait step to the journey map.

    The Wait pop-up appears.

  3. In the Wait For: boxes, select the amount of time you want Attentive to wait before it asks for a reminder, and then click Save.
    Note: We recommend the following wait times:

    • For a reminder: (TBD) days after Okendo sends the review request.

    • For a thank you message: (TBD) hours

  4. From the Rules sidebar, drag and drop a Branch step below the Wait step.

    The Branch pop-up appears.

  5. In the Choose condition drop-down list, select What segment the subscriber is in.

  6. Click the Choose segment field, and then click create a new segment. The Create a segment page appears.

  7. In the Choose condition drop-down list, select A subscriber's activity, and then make the following selections:

    • In the Choose activity drop-down list, select Okendo Review Created.

    • In the At least once drop-down list, select Less than.

    • In the Number box, type 1.

    • In the Over all time drop-down list, select In the last.

    • In the Number box, enter the amount of time from Step 3.
      Note: You'll want to allow enough time for customers time to submit a review.

  8. Click Create, and then type a name to save your segment. The description is optional.

    Note: We recommend you name the segment Eligible for Okendo Review Request Reminder.

  9. Click Save twice: once in the Save your Segment pop-up, and then in the Branch pop-up.

  10. From the Rules sidebar, drag and drop a Send text message or Send email step under the Segment path on the branch.

  11. Click Turn on to activate your journey.

Complete your Attentive setup

Before you can start sending review requests to customers, you need to create an Okendo sequence that connects to the Attentive journey you just built. To learn how to, go to Creating an Okendo Sequence for Attentive.

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