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Integrating Attentive with Okendo
Integrating Attentive with Okendo

Send SMS review requests by integrating Attentive with Okendo

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Available on the Power plan and above

Integrating Attentive with Okendo gives you the ability to send review requests by SMS to customers who opted in to receiving text messages, while still targeting other customers with review request emails. You can also set up reminders to increase your chances of collecting reviews from customers.

In this article, you'll learn about:

Authorize Okendo to access Attentive

  1. Open your Okendo app.

  2. In the navigation panel, click Settings, and then click Integrations.

  3. Scroll down to the Email & SMS section.

  4. For Attentive, click the icon, and then click Connect. The Attentive sign-in page appears.

  5. Sign in to Attentive.

  6. On the Okendo Reviews is requesting access to your Attentive Account page, click Authorize.

Complete your Attentive setup

Before Okendo can start sending review requests to customers, you must complete these steps:

  1. Build a journey in Attentive to receive SMS review requests from Okendo and send reminder messages.

  2. Create a sequence in Okendo to send SMS review requests or email requests, depending on the customer's preferred method of communication.

Event Variables

After you install Attentive, Okendo sends a sample event to Attentive to fill in the following variables:

Event Variable


First Name

Customer's first name as it appears in their Shopify order

Last Name

Customer's last name as it appears in their Shopify order

Product Name

Name of a product in the customer's Shopify order

Note: Okendo sends the name of the first product in the order to Attentive.

Product Review Url

URL of the review request form

Product Variant Name

If one exists, name of the product variant

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