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Creating a Survey

Deliver the right questions, to the right person, at the right time!

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Maximize your customer data collection with Okendo Surveys!

Accelerate time-to-insight with ready-to-use survey templates to conduct customer, product, or market research. You can start capturing actionable customer data to truly personalize your shoppers' experience throughout their buying journey. Okendo Surveys allows you to immediately gather information from customers with fully customizable surveys that match your company's brand. You can then use this information to create segments to target your customers with specific marketing communications.

You can choose to create a survey from scratch, clone a survey, or use one of our templates to quickly deploy a survey to your customers.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Create a survey

Follow these steps to create a survey. If you want to learn more about branding your survey, click here.

  1. Open your Okendo app.

  2. Click Surveys in the sidebar.

  3. Click the + Create New button on the Survey List page.

  4. Choose a Template and then click Continue.

  5. Enter a unique name for your survey.

  6. Click Save and Add.

After you create your survey you can add it to a channel to distribute to your customers.

Choose a survey template

Okendo offers a number of ready-to-use templates including the selection below that have best practices built into them:


Allows you to

Blank Template

Start creating a survey from scratch.

Clone Existing

Create a copy of an existing survey, which you can then modify.

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Gauge how likely your customers would recommend your store or brand to others. This template contains pre-configured questions that you can modify to fit your company's brand or style.

Attribution Survey

Discover which marketing channels your customers are using to learn about your brand and products.

Abandoned Cart

Learn why your potential customers didn't complete their purchase.

Configure your questions

You can choose from nine different question types and add a combination of them to your survey. If you choose a survey template that includes pre-configured questions, you can modify the questions.

Note: Before you can add profile questions to your survey, go to Profiles > Profile Questions to configure them in the Customers tab. Click here to learn more.

  1. Select a question type in the drop-down list. Click here to learn more about these question types.

  2. Type your question.

  3. Depending on the question type you select, do the following:

    • Multi-Select or Single-Select: enter an Option in the field, and then click + Add Option to add more answer options. Check the Include option which allows custom input box to provide an Other option for customers who may want to add a free text response.

    • Five-Point or NPS: enter Low Value and High Value Labels.

    • Email: toggle on the Ask for marketing consent (this is optional but recommended if you want to expand your marketing contacts).

    • Content Page: enter text for the Header and Body fields.

  4. (Optional) Define the conditions for any of the questions you added.

  5. Click Save and Add.

Randomizing the answer option order

The answer option order for Single-Select and Multi-Select questions can be randomized on each survey viewing to reduce the chance of bias in responses and produce more valid results.

Check the Randomize option order box below the answer options to enable this for a particular survey.

Preview your survey

You can preview how your survey will appear to your participants. In the preview window on the right-hand side of the page, you can click through each question and provide answers and it dynamically updates as you add questions to your survey or modify existing ones.

Note: Standardized survey text can be translated to supported languages for storefronts operating in a region where English is not the primary language. Visit the Translate Okendo To Another Language article to find out how.

Survey questions and options will still need to manually translated to local languages.

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