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Welcome to Okendo Surveys

First-ever continuous customer intelligence solution

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Welcome to Okendo Surveys!

Okendo Surveys enables you to collect actionable data sourced directly from your customers about their experiences and preferences at critical moments throughout the buying journey.

Unlike traditional survey tools which are static and siloed, Okendo Surveys collects continuous, “in-the-moment” insights from consumers at any stage of the online buying journey with precise, real-time audience targeting.

With powerful solutions for a range of specific use cases, Okendo Surveys is the only tool brands need to integrate the voice of the customer into every important business decision.

Using Okendo Surveys

Use case

Insights you'll gain

Profile Enrichment

Enrich customer profiles with zero-party data including identity, demographic, preference, behavior, and intent.

Customer Experience Management

Measure brand loyalty and customer satisfaction with best-in-class frameworks such as NPS, CSAT, and CES.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Discover conversion drivers and blockers, measure their impact on buying behaviors and monitor the impact of CRO experiments and website changes.

Marketing Attribution

Accurately measure marketing performance with ground-source attribution insights collected from new customers at the time of purchase.

Market Research

Stay ahead of the game with the latest insights into market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitive landscapes.

Audience Acquisition

Acquire qualified shoppers by converting consumer audiences from social media platforms into marketing contacts that you own with their consent.

Getting Started

Okendo Surveys is fast to deploy and easy to operate.

You can easily implement insight collection programs that adhere to industry best practices and are seamlessly integrated into the customer experience without needing expert assistance.

To get started with Okendo Surveys, follow these simple steps

  1. Create a survey.
    You can choose from one of our custom templates to get up and running quickly or build a new survey from scratch.

  2. Distribute your new survey.
    You can reach your customers wherever they are through various channels such as on-site, post-checkout, post-review, and shareable link.

  3. Analyze your results.
    You can leverage our pre-built reports and advanced data filtering to make sense of your survey results in seconds.

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