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Conditionalizing Questions in a Survey
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Capture deeper levels of customer insights on a given topic when you build conditions into specific questions in your surveys. Based on a customer's previous response to a question, you can route those customers to additional questions to drill down to learn more about why a customer responded the way they did.

For example, if a customer answers 7 or below on a question about how likely they would recommend your store, you can ask a follow-up question to learn why they responded with a lower score. Adding a condition to your original question will redirect your customers to additional questions to learn more.

In this article, you'll learn about:

Before you begin

You'll need to start creating a survey before you can add conditions to a question. Click here to learn more.

Types of questions that allow conditions

You can create conditions for these question types:

  • Multi-Select

  • Single-Select

  • Rating

  • Five-Point

  • NPS

Add conditions to your questions

You need to create a minimum of two questions before you can start adding conditions: the question that you want to conditionalize and a question that follows it. Only after you create the succeeding question you'll see the Add Condition button. Keep in mind that you can add multiple conditions to a single question.

  1. Go to Surveys > Survey List and start creating a survey.

  2. Add at least two questions to your survey.

  3. Click the Add Condition button. Okendo automatically adds two conditions, you can delete the second one if you.

  4. Define the conditions that the participant must meet.

  5. Click Save.

Edit a condition

You can change any of the criteria that you set for your conditionalized questions. We recommend that you don't edit the conditions if your survey is in progress.

Preview your conditionalized questions

You can see how your conditionalized questions will behave in a survey by using the preview window to the right of the Survey Questions. You can click through each question and provide an answer.

Note: Okendo doesn't record your practice responses in the preview with the actual results of the survey. If you want to test how the survey will behave when you send it to a customer, create a shareable link and use your browser to test it out.

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