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Request Google Business Reviews with Okendo Events
Request Google Business Reviews with Okendo Events
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You will need to have the Klaviyo integration enabled in your Okendo app before you are able to use Okendo metrics to build Klaviyo flows. You can reference our help article here to set up your Okendo <> Klaviyo integration.

Build Your Flow

⚠️ Note: If you are working with a Customer Success Manager, they are able to clone a pre-built flow into your Klaviyo account for you to customize.

Create a new flow in Klaviyo using the “Created Okendo Review” metric as the flow Trigger Setup.

Below your flow Trigger, drag and drop a Trigger Split into the flow. To configure your Trigger Split, select the dimension "Rating" then choose "Is at least" and insert "4" as your dimension value.

💡 TIP: If you'd like to request a Google business review from all customers that have submitted an Okendo review, regardless of rating, you can omit this from your flow.

Below your Trigger Split, drag and drop a Time Delay into your flow. The Time Delay can be set to your preferred length of time.

Below your Time Delay, drag and drop a new Email into your flow. Click on your email and select "Additional Filters" on the left panel. To configure your Additional Filter use the condition "Has not received this email" to limit how many times a customer should receive this email.

Your finished flow should look similar to the below after following these steps.

Configure Your Email

The email can be configured like any other email in Klaviyo. Feel free to use an existing email template or start from scratch.

💡 Tip: If you want to include your customer’s review copy that they submitted to Okendo, you can use the following code {{ event|lookup:'Review Body' }}

Set Your Flow Live

Change your email status from “Draft” to “Live” to start automatically requesting Google reviews from your customers following a positive Okendo review!

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