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Sending Review Requests with Klaviyo SMS
Sending Review Requests with Klaviyo SMS
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You will need to have the Klaviyo integration enabled in your Okendo app before sending Okendo review requests with Klaviyo SMS. You can reference our help article here to set up your Klaviyo integration.

Set up SMS with Klaviyo

You can refer to the instructions listed here to set up SMS within your Klaviyo account.

Configure Your Klaviyo Flow

⚠️ Note: If you are working with a Customer Success Manager, they are able to clone a pre-built flow for you to customize.

Set a Flow Trigger

Create a new flow in Klaviyo using the “Eligible for Okendo Review Request” metric as the flow trigger. Configure a Flow Filter by using the metric “Ineligible for Okendo Review Request” zero times since starting this flow.

Add a Conditional Split

Add a conditional split using the option “If someone is or is not consented to receive SMS”.

Drag and drop a new SMS action and drop it on the “Yes” path of your conditional split and a new email action and drop it on the “No” path of your conditional split.

Drag your connection point below your email and connect this to the connection point below your SMS.

💡 Tip: Turn off Smart Sending on your SMS and email so that all eligible customers will receive the review request. Refer to these instructions for managing smart sending in Klaviyo.

Create your Reminders

Add a wait time that reflects how long you’d like customers to wait before receiving a review request reminder.

💡 Tip: You can set your wait time to delay until a specific day of the week and/or time of day that you’d prefer the review request reminders to send.

Add a conditional split using the action “What someone has done (or not done)” and selecting “Created Okendo Review”, “at least once”, “since starting this flow”.

On the “No” path of your conditional split, repeat the actions in step two to create a reminder review request for those customers that have not yet left a review.

Your finished flow will look similar to the below.

⚠️ Note: Review request reminders are not required but do increase your chances of collecting reviews.

Customize Your SMS

Click on your SMS message and then select “configure content” in your left panel. Customize the text you’d like to include in your SMS review request.

You’ll need to add the following piece of code to your SMS which will add a unique link for customers to review their products.

{{ event.Products.0|lookup:'Review Url'|default:'' }}

Customize Your Email

Follow the instructions linked here to customize your review request emails and include a table block that will dynamically display the customer’s products from their order.


Activate Your Klaviyo Flow

Change the SMS and emails in your Klaviyo flow from a “Draft” status to “Live”.

💡Tip: You can use the “Manual” status if you’d prefer to preview your SMS and emails before sending them. Please reference Klaviyo’s help documentation here to learn more about the manual status.

Start Your Okendo Sequence

Open your Okendo app and go to “Mail” > “Sequences”. If you haven’t already, select “New sequence” and choose “Forward to Klaviyo” before following the instructions here to configure your sequence elements.

Once your Okendo Sequence elements have been customized, click “start”.

⚠️ Note: You can only have one Okendo Sequence running at a time. Starting a new Sequence will automatically send an existing Sequence into a completing status.

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