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How to integrate AfterShip with Okendo
How to integrate AfterShip with Okendo

Instructions for setting up a AfterShip integration with Okendo

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This feature is available on the "Power" plan and above

This guide will illustrate how to set up your AfterShip integration with Okendo. Once the integration is set up you can use Sequences to drive accurate email triggers from delivery updates by configuring your wait block to use the 'Start wait after' delivery option.

Connecting Okendo to AfterShip

  1. Retrieve your AfterShip API key and Webhook Secret. These values can be found from the 'Notifications' > 'Webhooks' & 'Settings' pages from the AfterShip admin. It's also advisable to generate a new API key specific to Okendo.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations page in Okendo (Settings > Integrations)

  3. Open the AfterShip section and copy your API Key, Webhook Secret into the corresponding fields


  4. Click Save

  5. Copy the generated Webhook URL

  6. Navigate to the 'Notifications' page within AfterShip admin and 'Add webhook URL' and click Save

Now your integration is setup we can start receiving shipment delivery updates from AfterShip to assist sending emails to customers in line with how you've setup your email sequence.

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