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Share a Review to your Facebook Business Page
Share a Review to your Facebook Business Page
How to share reviews on your Facebook Business page so visitors can see a published review from one of your previous clients.
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Sharing reviews on Facebook is a great way to build awareness of your brand. First, ensure a Facebook account with admin rights to your business page is connected to Okendo. This can be done via the General Settings page within the Okendo app admin. If you need additional instructions please visit Okendo’s Help Center on How to connect your Facebook account to Okendo.

Next, go to “Reviews” > “Moderation” and choose the specific review you would like to share on your Facebook’s business page.

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Step 1: Select a Review 

Once you have selected the review you would like to share on your business’ Facebook page, click “Details” on the right-hand side of the page.

Step 2: Sharing the Review to your Business page’s Facebook

Next, click “Share.”

Next, click on “Select a Page” to guide where this review will be posted.

Once the desired page has been selected, click the “Post to Facebook” button on the right bottom corner of the widget.

After sharing your review, it will appear on your Business page’s Facebook like the example below.

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