Designing a Reviews Tab with Widget Plus

Make it easy for your shoppers to see all of your published reviews with just one click

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Add a Reviews Tab to any page on your store's site for quick access to all your published reviews. The Reviews Tab widget is a persistent, floating tab that Okendo positions on all pages of your store's site.

When your shoppers click the Reviews Tab, a pop-up appears that shows all of your published reviews:

In this article, you'll learn about:

Before you begin

You must install the Okendo Reviews app on your Shopify store before you can add the Reviews Tab widget to your theme. Click here to see how to complete the basic installation.

We recommend that you customize your Reviews Widget before you add it to your Shopify theme to see how it looks with your style selections.

Style your Reviews Tab

Before you start styling your Reviews Tab, consider reviewing the style definitions in the next section of this article to understand how changing a setting changes this widget.

Note: You can use the Reviews Tab Preview to gauge how this widget will look on a desktop or mobile.

  1. Open your Okendo admin.

  2. Click Displays in the sidebar. The Displays page appears.

  3. Scroll down and click Reviews Tab.

  4. Toggle on the Show reviews tab button.

  5. Configure the Settings to best blend the widget with your store's brand:

    1. Select an option in the Position drop-down list.

    2. Select an option in the Position Mobile drop-down list.
      โ€‹Note: Use the mobile icon in the upper right corner to preview how the position of the Reviews Tab looks on a mobile device.

    3. Expand the color picker to change the Background Color.

    4. Expand the color picker to change the Text Color.

  6. Click Save Changes.

Reviews Tab style definitions

Style Setting & Definition


Show reviews tab:

Determines whether or not the Reviews Tab widget appears on your site. By default, Okendo toggles this setting off.


Directs where the Reviews Tab widget lives on your site pages when a customer accesses your site on a desktop device.

The example shows the Reviews Tab positioned at the Top Right of the page.

Position Mobile:

Directs where the Reviews Tab widget lives on your site pages when a customer accesses your site on a mobile device.

Background Color:

Defines the background color of the tab.

Text Color:

Defines the color of the text within the tab.

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