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Connecting your Facebook account to Okendo
Connecting your Facebook account to Okendo

How to Login with Facebook and check your permissions

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Sharing reviews on Facebook is a great way to build awareness of your brand. When you perform an action in your Okendo admin that requires access to Facebook, you will be prompted to login with Facebook. (You can also trigger this login prompt from the Settings > Integrations page.)

The account you use to login will be a personal account that has access to the Facebook Page or Facebook Ad Account you want to use. This login will be limited to your current browser and won't be visible to other Okendo users from your organization.

Checking Permissions for Sharing Reviews to your Facebook Page

If you are unable to see the Facebook Page you want to share a review to, you will need to check that the personal account you have used during the "Login with Facebook" step has permission to post to that Facebook Page. (You may need your Page Administrator to perform these steps.)

You can check this through Facebook Business Manager. From the homepage of Facebook Business Manager, click the settings icon in the top right. This will take you to the Business Settings page, where you will be able to check that the account has access to the page.

Select your account from the "People" list, and check that the Page you're trying to post to is in the "Pages" list on the right. If not, press the "Assign Assets" button, choose "Pages", then select the desired page from the list.

Checking Permissions for Creating Facebook Ads from Reviews (Power Plan only)

In addition to access to the Page (see above), you will need to have access to the Ad Account you wish to create an ad for. Follow the steps from above to open the Business Settings page in Facebook Business Manager.

Select your account from the "People" list, and check that the Ad Account you're trying to create an ad for is in the "Ad accounts" list on the right. If not, press the "Assign Assets" button, choose "Ad accounts", then select the desired account from the list.

Please contact if you have further difficulty.

Disconnecting your Facebook Account

To disconnect your Facebook Account from Okendo, click the "Log out of Facebook" link on the Settings > Integrations page when you are currently logged in. This allows you to log in with a different account if required.

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